Once Upon A Child (Carrie Bell Jones)

Once upon a child, my name mom did bestow,

She set forth a baby boy, and taught me how to grow.

Once upon her baby boy, her care she did affix,

With three preceding siblings, she niched me in the mix.

She gave us all the love she knew,

Oft-times in form of stripes,

She worked her fingers to the bone, in stress that bore no gripes.

Four tummies full for feeding, four bodies warm for clothes,

I hurry home from work, she smiles, to blow them youngins' nose.

Thrice she bore before me, five times upon my aft,

Asked how she had so many, "Easy," she laughed.

Our family is like a rainbow, color us dear friends,

Our sonnet has but 14 lines, yet ...


- Rhonnie Jones, Pleasantville