Remember when you were a kid and your mom would take away one little privilege and you'd think she's the worst? Well I admit I do lose my privileges. But never do I think she's terrible. My mom, Christy McGlynn-Wimberg, is my hero. My mom gets compliments from all of her friends about how well behaved her four children are. Sometimes when I hear this I want to run up and say, "She's the greatest mom ever!" Well, she is to me. It's a lot of hard work for her to take care of us. My dad works a lot and it's usually her that drives us around everywhere. But she's done a great job on all of us. When my three brothers' fool around, she's there in an instant and settles it calmly. My mom is the greatest mom you will ever find; she's a once in a life time person. She's stringent when needed while cool and collected the rest. Once you get to you know her, she's always there for you. I wish everyone could get to know her as the mom I know her as. - Kelsey Wimberg, Northfield