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  1. Virtual reality making leap from sci-fi tool to household toy

    At one moment, Joe Popek was swimming with whales and avoiding the sharks who glided below him.
  2. First New Jersey Fringe Festival coming to Hammonton

    HAMMONTON — You binge-watch TV shows, right? Why not do the same thing with theater?
  3. Harry Potter and the unlikely sequel

    When Erica Villani, of Hammonton, finished reading “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” in 2007, she cried.

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Al Pacino comes to A.C.

Actor Al Pacino will be bringing his “One Night Only” show to the Circus Maximus Theater at Caesars Atlantic City on March 28.

Film: Elle Fanning gets to play a Disney princess

LOS ANGELES - Elle Fanning's growing up.

Schools find creative ways to boost exercise after majority of children deemed unfit

ATLANTA - As the school year neared a close last April, officials in Georgia issued an urgent plea to add 30 minutes of exercise into the school day.

Film Review: 'Tamara Drewe' twists the romantic romp

Tamara Drewe was such a saucy little minx growing up in her idyllic village in the English countryside - even before a nose job that would embolden her further - that years after her departure, men of various backgrounds and generations still feel a tingle at the very thought of her.

Tops at Redbox: 'The Expendables' powers its way to No. 1

Tops at Redbox

'127 Hours' chronicles agonizing survival triumph

LOS ANGELES - One of the most triumphant moments in Aron Ralston's life occurred when he finally managed to break the bones in his lower right arm.

Tops at Redbox: 'Grown Ups' the No. 1 rental

Tops at Redbox

In 'Tangled,' animals get a bit more personality

LOS ANGELES - There's no other way to say it: Pascal was just a party pooper.

Tops at Redbox: 'Grown Ups' the No. 1 movie at rental kiosk Redbox

Tops at Redbox

As 'Tron' sequel nears, the first one proves to be elusive

LOS ANGELES - Flynn lives, all right, but he's awfully elusive. One of the toughest movies to get your hands on right now is "Tron." Not "Tron: Legacy," the breathlessly promoted sequel due in theaters Dec. 17, but the original 1982 saga starring Jeff Bridges as computer hacker Kevin Flynn, which has gone out of print on DVD.

Cineplex deja vu: Comparing 'Due Date,' 'Planes, Trains & Automobiles'

Two wildly incompatible travelers from opposite ends of the personality spectrum are thrust together by a perfect storm of bad mojo, dumb luck and financial roadblocks to embark on a madcap cross-country journey. A marathon of indignities, car wrecks, rough rides in the back of pickups and, of course, hilarity ensues. That describes both "Due Date" (the comedy starring Zach Galifianakis and Robert Downey Jr. that earned $30 million during its first weekend in theaters) and "Planes, Trains & Automobiles" (John Hughes' classic 1987 road romp starring Steve Martin and John Candy).

Tops at Redbox: 'Toy Story 3' debuts strong

Tops at Redbox

Film Review: 'Inside Job' goes inside the economic meltdown

You don't have to know the difference between a credit default swap and a collateralized debt obligation to feel enraged anew by "Inside Job," Charles Ferguson's thorough dissection of the country's economic collapse of 2008.

Film Review: 'Stone' and implausible melodrama that wastes strong efforts from De Niro, Norton

Robert De Niro vs. Edward Norton should have been a thrilling clash of the titans: two actors who are famous for their transformational methods, intense performances and decades of challenging roles.

Sneak peek: 'Tron' sequel's legacy may be its 3-D emotion

"Tron: Legacy" may prove 3-D has a place in dramas.

DVD Review: 'Toy Story 3' the crowning jewel in popular trilogy

The ability to connect with children and grownups at the same time has been a keystone of all of Pixar Animation Studios' movies, but especially the "Toy Story" series.

Tops at Redbox: 'Robin Hood,' starring Russell Crowe, takes No. 1

Tops at Redbox

Film Review: Listless 'Cairo Time' a rudderless love letter to city

Ruba Nadda's "Cairo Time" is a film seeking poetry and not quite finding it.

'Saw' actor Tobin Bell made his name by having a bloody good time

"I am so ready to play a gay nightclub owner, a man who dances and has this great joie de vivre."

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