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  1. Explore the Shore: All aboard the A.J. Meerwald

    As parents boarded the A.J. Meerwald in Barnegat Light last week, they hugged kids they had not seen in four days.
  2. Kid going to college? The 7 cooking skills they need to know

    When our oldest child left for college last fall, I knew I would miss him terribly. But would he miss or even think about home? We’re really close, but Solomon is an independent guy and had spent plenty of time away, so I was pretty sure he wouldn’t be homesick. I was happy to call him weekly, but I wasn’t sure what might prompt him to initiate a call or text.
  3. Legendary broadcaster Ed Hurst still behind the mic at 90

    When Ed Hurst, of Margate, looks back on his 73 years working in radio and television, some years stand out as favorites.

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  • Life

    75 looks good on Wonder Woman

    She may not look it, but Wonder Woman is celebrating her 75th birthday this year.

  • Life

    Comic-Con live blog: Female heroes make a splash, new trailer for "The Flash"

    This Thursday through Sunday is Comic-Con International in San Diego, the biggest comic and pop-culture convention of the year, the event that launches 1,000 trailers, teasers and bits of leaked footage for upcoming movies and TV shows.

  • Life

    Jeffrey Walker helped Comic-Con evolve

    LOS ANGELES - In a galaxy known as New York, in a drab age before Trekkies and light sabers, there lived a curious boy who liked comic books, time travel and Elvis. He read Isaac Asimov and tuned in to John Zacherle, this Phantom of the Opera-type guy with scraggly hair and a creepy laugh who introduced horror movies on Channel 9, which, if you were a kid at the time, was something close to splendid.

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Green delivery

While seeing the sights, try protecting the planet

As the year winds down and colder weather becomes the norm in New Jersey, there's a better way to heat yourself up than cranking up the heater to full blast.

Looking after the whole world while working in your kitchen

In Candice Adler's Linwood home, appliances like the dishwasher and the refrigerator are covered by cabinetry to blend in with the rest of the kitchen she renovated two years ago.

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Standing out

Green tidbits

Green play

One city takes to new heights in order to change environment

BALTIMORE - Atop the National Aquarium in Baltimore, away from the crowds, is a hidden oasis where the turtles and lizards sometimes come to bask in the sun. Their caretaker says it's also a nice spot for wild birds - and him, too.

Green briefs

Green dorms

Environmentally friendly fun

When people come to the New Jersey shore during the summer, they want to check their worries at the door.

Green briefs

Bathing baby

Keeping your garden green

Ask Linda Keyser how her garden grows, and silver bells and cockle shells are not part of her answer.

Green living tips

Green seal

Green living tips

Getting started

Green living tips

Easter decisions

Churches going green for Lent

WASHINGTON - Instead of giving up chocolate for Lent this year, churches are cutting back on other luxuries: water, light bulbs and plastic bags.

Ways to go green

Spring is a time of change, from budding flowers to April showers and the inevitable spring cleaning. It's also an opportunity to clean up not just the house but the environment as well.

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