Standing out

There are a lot of green products out there, but with a lot of muted, earthy tones, they hardly stand out. That's not always the case though. Barnes & Noble booksellers recently introduced ecosystem, a new line of journals, planners, and sketchbooks in five bright, neon colors.

The notebooks also have different paper styles - from blank artist pages to lined and graphing paper for work or school - to accommodate anyone who wants to write something down on an eco-friendly source of paper.

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In addition to being made out of 100 percent recycled materials, the books are also made in the United States. You can order the ecosystem products on Barnes & Noble's Web site at

Under foot

From replacing light bulbs to installing solar panels on roofs, a lot of focus on saving energy involves looking up.

However, there are ways to save energy beneath your feet as well.

Radiant heating panels are a popular do-it-yourself energy saving project. Radiant heating is installed in the crevices under ceramic, marble, tile, hardwood floors and carpets. The panels absorb heat and keep it stored so people don't have to rely as heavily on heating the rest of the home or cranking up the thermostat.

To learn more about radiant heating, visit to find out what products and projects are available.

Ranking 'em

Newsweek recently released its list of Green Rankings for some of the largest corporations in the United States.

Hewlett-Packard, Dell, and Johnson and Johnson topped Newsweek's list of green companies. Baxter International topped the green health care companies, while Coca-Cola Enterprises was ranked at the top for food and beverage companies.

Newsweek looked at the actual emissions and energy use of each company to calculate how environmentally responsible they are. They also looked at internal company policies to determine the best programs and initiatives among the companies. To view the entire list, visit

Travel site

Planning on traveling the world? Why not discover some of the ways the world is becoming a greener place in the process.

At, people can look up green destinations, restaurants, and even cruise lines to plan a green vacation.

The U.S. Travel Association also offers weekly Travel Green Facts through e-mail updates from its Web site.

The updates cover a range of topics from rainforest preservation projects in South America to large renewable energy installations across the world.

To learn more about traveling the globe in an environmentally responsible way, visit

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