Mom (Helen Phillips)

When I was a child, she held me very near.

No matter what befell us, her love was always clear.

As the years have fled on by, and my young I now must teach,

It gives me the greatest comfort to know she's still within reach.

Many are kind in describing the qualities I possess, and all say with admiration that I've endured under great stress,

But few realize the source of all my success; my strength comes from my mother, whom God did surely bless.

The good I always find in people she taught me how to seek.

The strength she always gives me is the strength I give the weak.

The laughter she always provides and her ever-present smile,

Permit me to give to others so they can struggle another mile.

Her goodness and her kindness seem to know no end,

If more people could be with her, it might begin a trend.

Her soothing touch and gentle way at times when we are sad,

Her hearty laugh and striking wit can surely make us glad.

The years of sacrifice which she's endured don't show upon her face,

Instead one sees a protective robe, adorned with beautiful lace.

She works very hard and her day never ends.

Still she finds time for helping her friends.

She accepts every gift with great zest and pleasure.

She cannot wait to repay you in double the measure.

She's great with kids and doesn't need candy to make them all say "there's no one like Granny".

It's true she was part of a generation before, but it's obvious there's no one who understands young people more.

How do you describe a woman such as she, if there are such words, they are unknown to me.

She's a blessing from God, a symbol of love, an example of caring, straight from above.

She gives, she loves, she is willing to learn, whatever she gets, she is willing to earn.

She is compassionate, sincere, trusting and wise, and with her sensitive touch, she can clear tears from your eyes.

The belief she has given me, in which I have no doubt, is that someday in this world, peace and love will win out.

When my life was in confusion and I knew not where to start, I found a new beginning there within her heart.

The God she taught me to know and love is one who understands;

Like she, instead of condemning my faults, He reaches out his hands.

No wonder I'm a happy man these days, and though there will be strife,

Just knowing and loving someone like her has made it a worthwhile life.

So as I walk beside her, my heart is peaceful and calm,

And to each passerby, I say with great pride, "this fine woman is my mom."

- Dr. John Phillips, Somers Point