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This year, Sherwin-Williams has selected 24 colors as guaranteed favorites, and they are categorized into four groups: Rooted, Treasured, Simplified and Refreshed. Let's explore what these categories mean.

Rooted: This group of colors has neutral hues that evoke feelings of security and calm. The neutrals in this category include earthy browns and desert tans, spicy reds and deep blues.

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Treasured: The colors in this group feature muted shades of brighter tones, reflecting the glory of ages past. There is a mustard-yellow and a smoky blue layered with shades of gray and indigo. There are also robust browns and a gently faded verdigris.

Simplified: Paring down translates into calming whites and grays. It is a sophisticated palette, as the color group also features a buttery yellow and a muted lilac - simple and elegant.

Refreshed: This color collection offers botanical blues, violets and sunshine yellows.

Green bathroom

The bathroom is a great place to go green. A low-flow showerhead can reduce water consumption by 30 percent, yet still provide a pressurized spray. Another nifty gadget, a gray-water diverter, sends used water from the shower or bath to a collection container for distribution to your garden.

Insulating your water heater and lowering its thermostat to 120 degrees makes a real difference in the amount of energy used to heat your morning shower. And consider replacing your toilet with a low-flow model if it's more than 12 years old.

Seek out tile made from recycled materials for floors, baths, showers and countertops. Thanks to the popularity of recycling, colors and finishes are plentiful. Recycled glass tile is a particularly good choice for low emissions. Get rid of the harsh chemicals you use to clean tubs and toilets. Pay attention to the government-mandated warning labels on cleaning products.

TV cabinet

Did Santa leave a TV under your tree? Here's a way to hide that screen in style.

The wall-mounted LCD Cabinet has a framed mirror on the front that separates into two sliding panels to reveal a flat-panel TV. It's operated by a hand-held remote control that has a 20-foot range.

The contemporary cabinet is designed for most 42-inch televisions and weighs about 200 pounds. It's made of birch and birch plywood and is available in 19 paint colors and 13 stain colors.

Cabinets for other sizes of TVs can be custom ordered. The LCD Cabinet starts at $2,500 and can be ordered at

www.lcdcabinet.com or 415-997-9523.

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