Sorting sinks

are three main types of bathroom sinks. First, and most popular, is a "vanity" style, where a top-mounted sink simply sits in a closed-box cabinet. This is great for extra storage and is usually an easy installation.

Next, a "pedestal" sink rests on a single finished pedestal, has a more complicated installation and is considered a bit more attractive than a vanity.

Then we have a "vessel" type sink that actually installs above a countertop to give the illusion of an old china washbasin.

There are other sink choices, and a "console tabletop" sink is one of them. Console sinks actually combine elements from all three of the sinks listed above. It's basically a custom-made stand or console with two to four legs, which create an open frame to support a finished tabletop-type sink. Think of it along the lines of a fancy aquarium stand with a beautiful sink fitted on top. Not only does it look nice, but with added shelving in the stand, storage is also possible.

Expansion tank

When water is heated it expands, and if there is no place for the expanded water to go it may cause the temperature and pressure blow-off valve on the water heater to leak. A thermo-expansion tank - or domestic water-heater expansion tank - is usually a small, air-charged tank with a rubber diaphragm inside that is installed on the water lines of the water heater.

The little tank helps the plumbing system by collecting the expanded hot water. Even if these tanks are not yet required by your local codes, a properly installed water-heater expansion tank is an extra safety control. Hire "licensed and insured" plumbers in your area. A good plumber should know all the newest codes and be up on all the latest plumbing-safety equipment for your home.