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Marge Fopeano (left top) and her mother, Marge Potenza at Marge Fopeano's home in Northfield. Friday April 22 2011 (The Press of Atlantic City / Ben Fogletto) Ben Fogletto

My mom, Marge Potenza, is the most awesome mother on the planet. She is 88 years young and fun to be with. She is the most thoughtful person that I have ever met. She always makes sure one of her homemade sour cream cakes is in the freezer at St. Gianna Baretta Molla church in Northfield, in case someone is in need. If a friend or family member is sick, she has the homemade chicken soup cooking on the stove. When my husband and our friends take their annual canoe trip in Canada, she fills their request for her homemade nut tarts for the road trip north. She never misses sending a birthday card to family and dear friends. My mom also loves to dog-sit for family pets. They love to be with her too -where can you leave your dog where they cook homemade meals for them? She has made my brothers, Jack and Frank and I feel special every day of our lives. She would do anything for our spouses, and is a warm and loving grandmother to her four grandchildren. If you Google the word "mom" and don't get my mother's picture and description, get a new Internet provider, because she is what everyone's mom should be. - Marge Fopeano, Northfield

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