My mom, Margie Montanaro, of North Cape May, is the best. Growing up all my friends wished they had my mom ... as I've grown to be a mom myself I realize even more how special my Mom is and what a great job she has done.

M is for Marvelous. My mom is a spectacular person who always puts others' needs first.

O is for Organized. My Mom is able to finish or complete anything/everything needed for her children and others.

T is for Terrific. My mom is an outstanding individual who can make anything with her gifted hands.

H is for Honest. My mom has always been straightforward and deals with you one on one.

E is for Emphatic. My mom has a very strong, determined will and personality.

R is for Respectful. My mom is always courteous and polite to everyone. - Cindy Benigno, Cape May