My mom is very special because she represents who a mother is. Our mother, Marie Tyson Evans, raised us with love and discipline at the same time. Love in caring for us and discipline in making sure we did the right things. Our mother had 11 daughters as a single mom. She worked two and sometimes three jobs to take care of us with the help of grandma and granddad. She never spoke evil against our dad who I do not remember and was not a bitter woman and gave us an attitude to be the best we can be. We never saw our mother do anything out of character as a mother or a woman. Our mother is a cancer survivor. At the age of 79 she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She stills love life, children and people with no regrets of how things turned out. She is more proud of us than I think that we can express, because as long as we are healthy and in our right mind that is good enough for her. - Hope R. Gallagher, Galloway Township