Band of Horses is trotting back with a new release on Columbia, "Infinite Arms," its first for a major record label.

"We're putting on a hell of a show with a big backdrop, lots of projection and a brand-new light guy on the road," keyboardist Ryan Monroe says.

Monroe says one of the main objectives with "Infinite Arms" is to present something that's more of a collaborative effort than "Cease to Begin" (2007) or "Everything All the Time" (2006).

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"We each contributed to songs, and there was more songwriting on the record," he says. "We heard demos of each other's stuff, and we would send them back and forth during our time off. By the time we got to the studio, we had really good ideas."

Band of Horses also did more dabbling on its own.

"We wanted to experiment more," Monroe says. "We were able to produce most of the record ourselves. Nobody checked on us, so we would try everything. A lot of times when you have a producer, they will shut down an idea before they even see if it fits sonically. But we hung around the studio all day and night and whenever anybody had a crazy idea or beat on some strange (stuff), it was OK. It gave us more colors."

Even though the CD is being released by Columbia, the band didn't have to deal with label input while in the studio because it hadn't signed a deal at the time of the recording.

"We signed to Columbia after the record was nearing completion, so we were able to do whatever we wanted," Monroe says. "So we just went in and had a great time recording, and we weren't thinking about high expectations."

On this recording, fans will notice the lineup has gone through an overhaul.

"Sometimes it's just not the right fit, and a lot has changed," he says.

Tyler Ramsey (guitar, vocals) and Bill Reynolds (bass) are new to the band, joining Monroe, Ben Bridwell (vocals, guitar) and Creighton Barrett (drummer).

"We all get along, nobody's got an ego no matter what," Monroe says. "And when you all get along, it's easier to give and take on stage. We're finally a solid band."

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