Swedish DJ duo Rebecca & Fiona is out and about with "I Love You, Man," a light and airy dance album that feels gilded in gold. This album is more about filling the need for fun summer sounds and less about ground-breaking arrangements, because there are none.

Rebecca Svheja and Fiona Fitzpatrick are, at their inner artistic core, the Bananarama of electronic dance music. Their presentation is breezy and not too aggressive on the ears. In an age of crushing dubstep assaults on the senses, "I Love You, Man" is a welcome, if brief, respite.

"Jane Doe" gets things out of the gate nicely. "Someone has taken your heart to far from home," go the lyrics delivered in spoken-not-sung tones. The melody lends mystery to the words and things build to a crescendo in fine EDM fashion.

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Another top track is "Bullets," with its restless beat that refuses to subside. There's nothing in the song to pin it distinctly to this decade of dance music as opposed to the last. But perhaps therein lies the simplified success of Rebecca & Fiona.

If something can simultaneously be futuristic and retro, the duo has distilled that something here. "I Love You, Man" isn't great. But it's fine.

Check this track out: "Turn It Down" is a bonus track from Kaskade, featuring Rebecca & Fiona. It revs up slowly, in between ghostly lyrics and some dirty deconstructed synth work. But when it gets up to speed, it hits the mark.

'I Love You, Man'

Rebecca & Fiona


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