Reggae Singer Lady Saw poses at Westwood Gallery in New York on Nov. 19, 2004. (AP Photo/Jim Cooper) JIM COOPER

Manicure, check. Makeup, check. Diva attitude, check.

It's all about being on point for Lady Saw, who spits with a sharp tongue on her latest album.

The Grammy-winning reggae singer merges all the emotional distresses of womanhood into an uplifting dance mix on her CD "My Way."

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The lead track, "Party Till December," is a shout out to single ladies ready to step out and have hot boys turning their heads.

The Queen of Dancehall pretty much checks anyone who may be under the impression that women can't run game like men do. "Me Hold Yuh," with its explicit sexual content, counters Gyptian's "Hold Yuh," in which Lady Saw stays true to her sexual empowerment theme.

While "My Way" includes great collaborations with reggae artists including Camar and Ding Dong, the best guest appearance is from Philly native Eve. She and Lady Saw trade rhymes on "He Is At My House," a jam reminiscent of Monica and Brandy's "The Boy Is Mine."

Lady Saw does include a softer uplifting track, "I'm A Woman," which calls for women to be treated as queens.

If you are more about the beats and can handle raw lyrics, wind it up a bit with this album.

Carmen Castro, Associated Press


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