In this CD cover image released by Universal Motown Records, the latest by Shontelle, "No Gravity" is shown. (AP Photo/Universal Motown Records)

Shontelle first made noise on the charts with her 2008 single, "T-Shirt" - and she's bringing back the buzz with the same song in a Radio Killa remix with hitmaker The-Dream on her new CD, "No Gravity."

The Barbados-born singer is also bringing love ballads, a departure from her debut album.

Give her credit for her powerful vocals on "Impossible," although the songs she sings add nothing to the well-worn subject of heartbreak. The lyrics are filled with the same misguided, lonely thoughts of a distraught woman, such as the bitter love ballad "Say Hello to Goodbye" and "Kiss You Up," a plea to a lover.

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Shontelle's first album evoked comparisons to fellow Bajan native Rihanna. On "No Gravity," the 23-year-old proves she has yet to find her own signature style.

"No Gravity" sounds too similar to Rihanna's up-tempo dance material, especially on the techno-flavored "Perfect Nightmare" and the self-titled track.

Shontelle has talent; she just needs time to find her own identity before she can soar.

Carmen Castro, Associated Press

'No Gravity'


(Universal Motown)


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