Our mom, Nilofer Ramirez, could have her own show - six kids, three grandkids, and about 300 miscellaneous kids. Mom is a cafeteria worker in the Pleasantville School District. She gets to work bright and early and begins cooking for all of her kids. Mrs. Nellie, they call her fondly. She cooks, cleans and listens. Mrs. Nellie is always there for a warm, reassuring hug and a tasty pudding cup. She always gives 110 percent at work and about 410 percent at home. She finishes her work day, picks up a daughter here, drops off a leftover "saving grace" there, just in time to start cooking, cleaning, and listening some more. She'll whip up tacos for Missy, a hot pot of coffee to share with Andy, asks about everyone's day - all while making sure the little ones all have bottles and sippy cups filled to the brim. She doesn't mind the cookie crumbs, because that just means we had fun. - Lisa Marie Ramirez, Egg Harbor Township