My mom's name is Nynell Langford, of Atlantic City. My brother and I love her so much for so many reasons. First, because she lost six babies before having me, but she never gave up hope. Then after my brother, Isaiah, was born, she gave birth to my baby sister, Mariah, who was born with a rare birth defect called Trisomy 13. My mother dedicated her life to my sister who lived to only be 4 years old. My mom had to perform CPR and rescue breathing for my sister up to five times a day. She did this until Oct. 16, 2003. Thats the saddest day I remember seeing my mom. That was the day my sister became the angel she really was. It also was five days before my 11th birthday. I remember my mom arranging my sister's funeral and planning a birthday party for me. She picked out a beautiful white casket for my sister and a huge birthday cake for me all in the same day. Only a special mom could do that. I told my mom that a party that year wasn't important but she insisted I have one. You see, my mom always pleases everyone. No matter what her situation is, she loves me and my brother so unconditionally. My mom now does a dinner for mothers who have lost children. It's called "A Time To Remember." I love her so much for that, because I see her help make sad mothers happy including herself. I help her with the event every year. So even though people may know my mom as the First Lady of Atlantic City, she always puts herself last. - Elijah Langford, Atlantic City

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