Frog in the pond

A frog will do fine in a garden pond during the cold months as long as the pond is at least 24 inches deep and there is a foot of water under the ice that may build up. The frog will hibernate at the bottom.

The alternative is to move the frog to a local pond or lake before the backyard pond freezes.

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Life in classroom

A pet in the classroom can help shy children open up and give all the children in the class a taste of the natural world.

The best pets are small rodents, such as dwarf hamsters, gerbils and Syrian hamsters. These rodents will do fine in the normal school environment, are small enough to be carried home on the weekends and holidays and are quiet and easy for children to handle.

These animals are native to various geographic areas around the world and have a story behind their discovery and domestication that can lead into lessons about geography and genetics.

Reptiles and fish have specific environmental needs that require heaters, filters and other electrical appliances that can make life in the classroom complicated. Some classrooms can get too cool for most birds, plus the noise birds make can be disruptive.

Mites on bird

Scaly face mites are microscopic arthropods that live under the skin on a parakeet's eyelids and face. They suck on the bird's blood, and the crust that forms is the skin's reaction. A sick bird needs to go to an avian veterinarian. In the case of scaly mites, vets have a great drug that will kill the mites after only one or two applications.

Pet of the week

Friday is one of four kittens born April 30, which happened to be a Friday. The grey, female tabby is healthy and playful. She would do well in a home with other cats. She is in foster care in Gloucester County and is up to date on routine shots.

For more information, contact Pals of Paws in Brigantine at 856-229-2141.

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