Cats and water

Cats evolved from a species of desert animal that got just about all its water from the liquids in the prey caught and consumed. When the water content of a food is high, some small cats not exposed to high temperatures can maintain their normal internal water balance with no additional drinking water.

Some canned cat foods are more than half water. If a cat is consuming canned cat food as a sole diet, it could meet most of its water needs from the food.

Local pet parade

The annual Stone Harbor Pet Parade will step off 1 p.m. Friday along 96th Street.

There will be prizes in a number of categories including best in show and most unique pet. Pets may be registered at Paw Prints, 281 96th St.; Borough Hall; or noon on parade day in the parking lot between Prudential Real Estate and Harbor Outfitters on 96th Street.

For more information, call Borough Hall at 609-368-5102.

Food for guinea pig

Guinea pigs need to have vitamin C in their diet, just as humans do.

In addition to the pellets made just for guinea pigs, it needs lots of grass hay - just as rabbits do - and a variety of vegetables and fruits high in vitamin C.

To see a complete list of good guinea pig foods, go to

Grit for doves

Gravel - also known as grit - is eagerly eaten by certain birds and not others. As a general rule, birds such as pigeons, doves and chickens eat grit because these birds will swallow seeds whole. Since the seed is swallowed with the hard shell around it, the birds need a way to get the shell off. This happens in the birds' digestive tracts, mainly in the organ called the gizzard. The seeds that the bird swallows are ground up with the grit in this powerful organ to mash up the hard shells. Parrots and many other birds will take the shell off the seed before they eat it and then grind it up in their bill before swallowing. This is why these birds have little or no need or desire for any grit in their diet.

Pet of the week

Hercules is a mini rex male rabbit. The baby is available at the Cumberland County SPCA and Animal Shelter in Vineland. Call 856-691-1500.

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