Cool it

Don't cook everything on high heat. That won't get the food done more quickly, but, rather, will burn it on the outside and leave it raw inside. Scrambled eggs get rubbery when cooked on high; garlic will burn and turn bitter. High heat is mostly for boiling.

Pressure is on

With the pressure cooker trendy again, Vickie Smith is working on her second book, "Miss Vickie: Real Food, Real Fast." Her first, "Miss Vickie's Big Book of Pressure Cooker Recipes," is a great starer.

Here are a few others:

•"Cooking Under Pressure," (Morrow, 2009, $23.99) and "Pressure Perfect" (Morrow, 2004, $24.99) both by Lorna Sass.

•"The Everything Pressure Cooker Cookbook" by Pamela Rice Hahn. (Adams, 2009, $15.95).

•"200 Best Pressure Cooker Recipes" by Cinda Chavich (Robert Rose, 2009, $24.95).

Wine of the week

2004 Terre de' Trinci Sagrantino di Montefalco Ugolino

Region: Umbria, Italy

Price: $45 to $60

Style: Robust

What it goes with: Short ribs, pork roast and chops, braised meats

The 2004 Ugolino from Terre de' Trinci is a deep-flavored, fleshy sagrantino lush with the tastes of blackberry and earth. Its tannins are big, but softened, and it has a finish that doesn't let go.