Dressed up

With the changing of a season, you get to rework your wardrobe a bit, so why shouldn't your salad get dressed a little differently too? Teresa's Select Recipes salad dressings - in flavors such as Asiago Pepper Creme, Berry Lavender and Sweet Vidalia Onion - are just the sort of fixings that came to mind. A 12-ounce bottle is about $4 in grocery stores and at mybrands.com.

Shrivel me this

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You just can't argue with the sweet appeal of fruit - fresh, dried, pureed. So , welcome the new offerings from Ocean Spray, including dried blueberries, jumbo dried cranberries and dried cherries. Pick up a 4- to 5-ounce package of the chewy snacks for about $4 in grocery stores.

Healthy cocktail

Have you been drinking your vegetables? Well, the idea just got even sweeter, thanks to V8 V-Fusion + Tea. The veggie-plus-fruit juices come in flavors such as Pomegranate Green Tea, Raspberry Green Tea and Pineapple Mango Green Tea. Pick up a 12-ounce bottle at grocery stores.


But sometimes dried fruit options can seem limited, and our fresh fruit options are dictated by the seasons.

Share your family recipes

Got a family recipe for a dish everyone raves about?

Whether it's Grandma's meatloaf of Dad's homemade pasta sauce, recipes passed down hold a special place in our lives.

We want you to share - and you'll get other families' heirloom treasures in return through a Legacy Recipes column The Press will be starting soon.

You don't even have to type it up unless that's already done – just e-mail your name and phone number to Legacyrecipes@pressofac.com

Don't e-mail?

Call 609-272-7242.

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