I am sure you will get tons of people saying their mom is so special because they are there for them - well that is true for my mom. But I have something weird to share with you. I have three special moms. I have my real mom, whom I cherish to the end of the world. She has an illness that robs her of a normal life -she is in pain almost 24/7. Then I have my mom's two best friends that are active in my life too. Elaine Weigand and Nicky Hickman - both strong women like my mom. Elaine's husband is in Afghanistan and is finally coming home in May. I admire her because she was handling everything here while he was there. She has three kids and a huge house that always needs something done. Then there is Nicky, a single mom. I am the luckiest kid to have these women as role models. Each one is different, but shar(ing) one special thing with me ... (their) love for me, but most of all a friendship that is almost like true sisters with my mom. No matter what, I can always count on my mom first and Elaine and Nicky. They are my world and my rock, besides my dad of course. - Alex Davis, Erma