Helen and Margaret Gallagher

My Mother, My Mother (Helen Gallagher)

My mother stills hangs her clothes out on the line

She still makes tea in a kettle, not in the microwave

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She still listens to her albums on the stereo

She still sings along with all the old songs,

even if she sometimes makes up her own words

She still answers her own phone, no answering machine for her

She still worries about me even if I just have a cold

She still makes my favorites foods when I come home for dinner

She still makes me breakfast when I stay over

She still calls me ‘Baby' and I love it

She still makes me stop and think twice about doing something

for fear of what she might think if I did it

She still laughs at all my jokes

She still loves ‘just a little glass of wine' with dinner

She still says "You're my favorite" to all of us

She still makes the best gravy (and turkey stuffing and cole slaw)

She still hasn't stop letting me learn from her

She still walks me to the door when I get ready to leave

She still stands on the porch and waves to me till I pull away

She still loves me unconditionally

She is still the person I look up to the most

She is still my biggest fan

My mother is my oldest and dearest friend

My mother ~ my mother is the best, most wonderful mother in the

whole world and I know this because she is MY MOTHER.

- Margaret Gallagher, Ventnor

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