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  1. Party boats make for all-inclusive good times

    They journey offshore to the deep blue waters, they pull up to wrecks and reefs inshore, they drift along the beachfront and in the inlets and they fit into the shallow “skinny” waters of the back bays.
  2. Happy 90th birthday, Mel Brooks!

    Mel Brooks has a lot to say about comedy and life. I mean, he is the 2,000 Year Old Man, so he would know a little about both.
  3. Thrilling grilling: Cooking more than your standard hot dogs

    The beginning of summer is time to dust off one of the most crucial pieces of cookware this time of season: the grill. Prepping meals by turning up the heat outside is a popular idea. About 75 percent of all U.S. households own a grill or smoker, according to a Hearth, Patio and Barbecue Association study. Instead of throwing on the usual burgers, hotdogs and steaks, you can get more creative and try grilling some of these non-traditional foods and dishes.  Story/recipes by Nicole Leonard. 

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JetBlue adds first-class cabin, cuts legroom from coach

NEW YORK - JetBlue, known for shuttling vacationers from Northeast cities to the warmth of Florida and the Caribbean, is making a play for corporate road warriors.

Leave the beaten dirt path behind to see true wonders of Yellowstone

YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK - As we walked along the trail, partly shaded by towering and ubiquitous lodgepole pines, I turned and looked around. We were alone, had been for a couple of miles.

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A drink and a dip with Mickey

OAHU, Hawaii - "I need alcohol!" a bikini-clad woman exclaimed on a hot June day as she splashed out of an artificial river after plunging down a water slide inside an artificial mountain at Aulani, Disney's new resort hotel in Hawaii.

SeaSalt serves up perfectly pan-seared skate in Cape May

CAPE MAY - We arrived at SeaSalt in Cape May a few minutes early for our reservation, and just caught the tail end of the staff meeting.

Walking Safari

MFUWE, Zambia - We're nodding off in our tent, pitched under a tree, when the crunching and gnashing begin.

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Bridging controversy

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Travel technology

Finally - A program that lets you skip airport security

NEW YORK - It was an eerie feeling to speed through airport security without taking off my shoes, removing my laptop and liquids from my bag or stripping away my belt and suit jacket. Eerie but amazing.

Fredericksburg, Texas

FREDERICKSBURG, Texas - Who would have thought deep in the heart of Texas sits a little slice of Germany?

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The Last Tortoise

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Swift in Museum

Find summer fun at winter ski resorts

SNOWMASS VILLAGE, Colo. - "River rafting? Horseback riding? At Snowmass?" Larry behind the counter at the Ski Chalet, in Los Angeles was skeptical.

Travel News in Brief

Building attraction

How American royalty live

ASHEVILLE, N.C. - Bill Cecil and his son were out hunting wild turkey in the rain in 2010 when he got a call that the president would be at the family homestead in a half hour.

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Build-your-own brickation spot

Bees the latest guests to check in at Waldorf Astoria

NEW YORK - An iconic hotel in the heart of midtown Manhattan is buzzing with thousands of new visitors.

Recreating Monet's Inspiration

NEW YORK - Claude Monet's beloved flower and water gardens in the north of France are world-famous. But for those unable to visit the artist's iconic home, a trip to the Bronx over the next several months will offer a taste of Monet's indisputably radiant living masterpiece - a riotous display of color, plant variety and landscape design.

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Heart N.Y. again

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