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Many of today's smartphones provide an amazing amount of computing power and storage space. Factor in improved photography capabilities and longer battery power, and it becomes easy to see why many people are choosing to make them their tech item of choice for shorter getaways.

YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK - Most days, in most ways, this park's Upper Geyser Basin is a geothermal outlaw biker beach party - belching and splashing at all hours, with a sulfuric whiff of menace riding the breeze.

KEY WEST, Florida - As an aunt, daughter and sister, I carry certain responsibilities on family vacations. I usually drive the rental car to the supermarket. Take the bed that is farthest from the floor and the bathroom. And play several rounds of dolphin in the pool with my young niece and …

OAHU, Hawaii - "I need alcohol!" a bikini-clad woman exclaimed on a hot June day as she splashed out of an artificial river after plunging down a water slide inside an artificial mountain at Aulani, Disney's new resort hotel in Hawaii.

MFUWE, Zambia - We're nodding off in our tent, pitched under a tree, when the crunching and gnashing begin.

FREDERICKSBURG, Texas - Who would have thought deep in the heart of Texas sits a little slice of Germany?

ASHEVILLE, N.C. - Bill Cecil and his son were out hunting wild turkey in the rain in 2010 when he got a call that the president would be at the family homestead in a half hour.

NEW YORK - Claude Monet's beloved flower and water gardens in the north of France are world-famous. But for those unable to visit the artist's iconic home, a trip to the Bronx over the next several months will offer a taste of Monet's indisputably radiant living masterpiece - a riotous displ…

When I was growing up, children were encouraged to search the wooded areas of my town and collect and keep as pets any amphibians or reptiles we could find. It was a great activity to do in the summer on the North Shore of Long Island.

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