Travel app

It won't save you from "enhanced patdowns," but an iPhone app from the TSA tries to ease the pain of air travel by offering guidance on prohibited items, security wait times and packing tips.

Called My TSA, short for Transportation Security Administration, the free app lets users fill in the blank to ask if they can bring various objects through the airport security checkpoint.

The app also lists wait times for security lines for U.S. airports, as submitted by users, shown either as a map or a list. Users can also search for specific airports.

A recent check for "pie" yielded five results, showing that under the TSA's rules solid pies can be either checked or carried on, though they may be subject to additional screening. "Turkey" was not found.

Under covers

It's a special kind of underwear - with a strategically placed fig leaf design - and a Colorado man says it'll get you through the airport screeners with your dignity intact.

Jeff Buske says his invention uses a powdered metal that protects people's privacy when undergoing medical or security screenings.

Buske, of Las Vegas, Nev.-Rocky Flats Gear, says the underwear's inserts are thin and conform to the body's contours, making it difficult to hide anything beneath them. The mix of tungsten and other metals do not set off metal detectors.

The men's design has the fig leaf, while the one for women comes in the shape of clasped hands.

It's unclear whether it would lead to an automatic, more intrusive pat down by federal Transportation Security Administration officials.

New pleasures

Walt Disney World plans to open a new range of shops and restaurants in the area where the theme park resort's nightlife complex used to be located.

Disney officials said earlier this month the revamped district, called Hyperion Wharf, will replace the nightclubs that made up Pleasure Island at Downtown Disney.

Pleasure Island's former clubs, including Motion, Adventurer's Club and BET Soundstage Club, will be torn down and replaced with a faux wharf, along with restaurants and shops with a seaport theme.

Disney officials say construction on Hyperion Wharf should create about 1,200 jobs.

Paris in Philly

Get ready for "Springtime in Paris" - in Philadelphia.

The annual Philadelphia International Flower Show will boast a Parisian theme during its run March 6 to 13 at the convention center, organizers said Monday.

Visitors will enter under a replica of the Eiffel Tower's base that is 33 feet tall and 75 feet wide. Floral exhibits will represent all aspects of Paris.

The event, billed as the nation's largest flower show, also aims to be more interactive in 2011. It will feature painters, strolling musicians, cafes, wine tastings and cabaret dancers.

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