A magic coat

The Scottevest carry-on coat is a trench coat with 33 pockets the company says will allow so much storage you don't need a carry-on bag.

How it works: Many of the pockets are marked with icons suggesting content: cell phone, MP3 player, ID, etc., plus there are other large storage pockets. The coat also has built-in earphones, with a jack in the MP3 pocket.

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The good: Not even using the two huge pockets in the tail, you can pack two pairs of jeans, two T-shirts, two pairs of underwear, two pairs of socks, a toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, a BlackBerry, an MP3 player and a camera into this coat.

The bad: If you're packing large objects in your coat, you may feel a little lumpy, and because this is a trench rather than a jacket, you will feel your packed items bump against you as you walk. Once you get used to that sensation, you're good to go.

Cost: $225; available from scottevest.com at the end of November

A bus revamp

London's mayor is unveiling the latest incarnation of a British icon.

Boris Johnson says the fuel-efficient shiny red double-decker bus is expected to hit the streets of London the same year as the 2012 Olympics.

An earlier model, London's well-known Routemaster, was retired from general service in 2005. Its replacements - boxy, modern double-deckers and giant articulated buses - have largely failed to win Londoners' affection.

A life-size model of the new bus conserves the rounded curves of the much-missed Routemaster model. Johnson said standing at the back of the bus "brings back a sense of nostalgia."

City reviews

If Yelp had a CliffsNotes, thePurplePassport.com would be it.

What's hot: You get the no-frills lowdown on what's hip and cool in Los Angeles and London. Browse the collection of hotels, spas, restaurants and shops. Register to create a "passport" of your list of faves as you read through the recommendations.

What's not: Only two cities are included, and although the site posts many reviews. Beijing, New York, Paris, Palm Beach, Fla., Chicago and other cities are coming soon, the site says, but who wants to wait?

Yellowstone soars

Tourists taking advantage of mild fall weather are adding to the already record number of people who have visited Yellowstone National Park this year.

The park had a record number of visitors in October. That's on top of the record number of visitors to Yellowstone in June, July, August and September.

Tourism in Yellowstone so far this year is up more than 10 percent compared to this time last year.

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