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  1. Explore the Shore: All aboard the A.J. Meerwald

    As parents boarded the A.J. Meerwald in Barnegat Light last week, they hugged kids they had not seen in four days.
  2. Kid going to college? The 7 cooking skills they need to know

    When our oldest child left for college last fall, I knew I would miss him terribly. But would he miss or even think about home? We’re really close, but Solomon is an independent guy and had spent plenty of time away, so I was pretty sure he wouldn’t be homesick. I was happy to call him weekly, but I wasn’t sure what might prompt him to initiate a call or text.
  3. Legendary broadcaster Ed Hurst still behind the mic at 90

    When Ed Hurst, of Margate, looks back on his 73 years working in radio and television, some years stand out as favorites.

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    75 looks good on Wonder Woman

    She may not look it, but Wonder Woman is celebrating her 75th birthday this year.

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    Comic-Con live blog: Female heroes make a splash, new trailer for "The Flash"

    This Thursday through Sunday is Comic-Con International in San Diego, the biggest comic and pop-culture convention of the year, the event that launches 1,000 trailers, teasers and bits of leaked footage for upcoming movies and TV shows.

  • Life

    Jeffrey Walker helped Comic-Con evolve

    LOS ANGELES - In a galaxy known as New York, in a drab age before Trekkies and light sabers, there lived a curious boy who liked comic books, time travel and Elvis. He read Isaac Asimov and tuned in to John Zacherle, this Phantom of the Opera-type guy with scraggly hair and a creepy laugh who introduced horror movies on Channel 9, which, if you were a kid at the time, was something close to splendid.

TV: 'No Reservations' threatens to overstay its welcome

Anthony Bourdain embarks on a seventh season of "No Reservations" (9 p.m., Travel, TV-14). This year, the ever-opinionated Bourdain will concentrate on less-than-trendy destinations, including disaster areas in Haiti and former political hotspots such as Nicaragua and Cambodia. Along the way, he will squeeze in a visit to the American Ozarks.

Scopin' the soaps: Marty helps deliver Natalie's baby

ALL MY CHILDREN: Annie's insecurity about losing JR focused on Marissa. When Annie accidentally knocked out Marissa while opening a door, she explained it away as a burglary attempt, but Amanda started to think Annie made up the story. JR's decision to postpone the divorce because of what happened to Marissa made Annie even more delusional. After Damon and Liza made love, he was advised by Tad not to hurt Colby by telling her. Meanwhile, Colby tried to distance herself from Asher following their kiss. Natalia finally revealed to Brot she's a virgin, and his gentle reassurance resulted in them making love. Greenlee agreed to testify at Scott's parole hearing, and offered him a job at the hospital if he dates Madison, as a way to keep Madison away from Ryan. A lawyer's comment led Ryan to think Zach may have been murdered. Coming: Greenlee and Ryan reach a fateful step.

Scoping the soaps

ALL MY CHILDREN: Randi urged Madison to wait regarding the future of her pregnancy, but when Madison learned she's three months along, she realized she's running out of time. After making her decision, Madison opted not to tell Ryan she's pregnant. Jackson overheard Erica say she wished Greenlee never came back to Pine Valley. Although Jackson and Erica agreed to get married on New Year's Eve, the tension between them was obvious. Already disappointed when her gift from JR wasn't an engagement ring, Annie spied a loving moment as JR, Marissa, Tad and Krystal set up their Christmas tree, and tore up her hotel room in a jealous rage. Coming: Annie wants more than what JR seems willing to give.

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ALL MY CHILDREN: When Amanda questioned Jake about his constant suspicion of Griffin, Jake opened up to her, admitting he deeply loved Cara and is still hurt she ran off with someone else. Griffin overheard them and called Cara, strongly advising her not to come to Pine Valley. Promising Griffin she'd stay away, Cara came to town and approached Jake. Meanwhile, Amanda tried to find out if Griffin's presence in Pine Valley was a coincidence, and Kendall wondered whether Griffin had the money Zach gave him for the Miranda Center. Madison learned she's pregnant. Caleb attempted to get closer with Asher and told him all about Asher's mother, Sonia, leading them to an emotional moment. JR told Annie his "date" with Marissa is only to get the custody charges dropped, but became upset when Annie interrupted his family time. Coming: Madison has to make a difficult decision.

Scoping the soaps

ALL MY CHILDREN: Bianca told a heartbroken Kendall part of the plane had been found. At Kendall's insistence, Greenlee went to the crash site with her and pointed out exactly where the aircraft went down. When Asher was charged with speeding, he ignored Caleb and accepted the free lawyer offered to him. However, Caleb later took care of the speeding ticket. Asher was rattled to come upon Colby in an intense kiss with Damon. As Annie arrived in Washington, D.C., at JR's request, they made love, admitting life is too short and they want to be together. Annie was not devastated when she got word of Scott filing divorce papers, while JR hoped he could persuade Marissa to back off in court. Madison arrived at Ryan's door and fainted. Amanda questioned Griffin about Jake's activities when he was with Doctors Without Borders.

Nielsen ratings: 'Dancing' moves to top two slots of weekly rankings

Nielsen ratings

Scoping the soaps

ALL MY CHILDREN: Everyone in the courtroom reeled when the jury in Greenlee's murder trial announced its verdict. Despite having received an apology from Greenlee, Kendall was furious at the outcome and railed against her. After hearing the verdict, Liza pledged to continue doing her job and targeted someone else in the room as the next recipient of her wrath. Krystal and Tad shared shocking news. Thanks to the encouragement and support of a person who is close to her, Krystal displayed a new level of confidence. When Angie overheard Amanda telling Jake that Jesse accidentally learned the sex of their unborn child, she pressed Jesse, who told her they're having a girl. Coming: Kendall's state of mind worries Erica.

Nielsen ratings: Another week, another win for NBC's football coverage

Nielsen ratings

Nielsen ratings: Patriots-Steelers easily ranks first for the week

Nielsen ratings

Scoping the Soaps

ALL MY CHILDREN: The intense kiss shared by Ryan and Greenlee led them to make love. When Ryan and Greenlee finally located Nick Pearson, Greenlee appealed to him for help, since she, not Ryan, is being prosecuted. However, Greenlee later told Jackson the new evidence they had was destroyed.Coming: Greenlee is stunned by the verdict.

Discovery Channel hopes new series about Delaware brewer has the hops

NEW YORK - The star of Discovery Channel's new series "Brew Masters" says people in his craft beer industry are "proudly promiscuous."

Play with kittens online

Play with kittens

'Shake It Up' makes its bid for tween success

LOS ANGELES - It must happen every day: Thousands - maybe millions - of young girls switch on the TV and let their imaginations go crazy. They see the show-biz dreams of teen sensations such as Miley Cyrus or Selena Gomez play out before their eyes and wonder what it would be like to be them.

Tina Fey has to laugh over humor award

WASHINGTON - Does Tina Fey look just a bit like Sarah Palin? You betcha. Are both women sassy brunets who love droppin' their consonants just for laughs? Oh, fer sure. But on Tuesday night, before a large crowd at the Kennedy Center in Washington, "Saturday Night Live" cast member Seth Meyers pointed out one major difference between Fey and the would-be vice president she has spoofed many times on TV: "Tina won something."

Nielsen ratings

Nielsen ratings

Conan O'Brien prepares to launch version 3.0 of his talk show, this time on TBS

BURBANK, Calif. - Remember when Conan O'Brien was merely the funniest redhead on the planet?

'Austin City Limits' gets fancy new digs, hipper format

AUSTIN, Texas - As if his introduction of veteran art-punk band Sonic Youth wasn't enough proof change is afoot at the country's longest-running TV music show, producer Terry Lickona told an excited crowd at a recent taping, "It's a historic time here at 'Austin City Limits.'"

Scoping the soaps

ALL MY CHILDREN: Erica discovered evidence proving Asher is Caleb's son, which Colby also figured out. After hearing the news from Erica, a stunned Caleb pushed Asher away, causing him to accidentally fall down the stairs. JR thanked Annie for helping his case by taking the blame. Learning the money in Nick Pearson's account was traced to David, Ryan concluded David tried to set him up, and Ryan was determined to find evidence against Pearson. Zach's partner agreed to let him get out of the casino. Coming: Greenlee wants to help Ryan prove they're both innocent.

TV Review: AMC's new series is a bloody good time for zombie fans

The expected disclaimer that "this program contains graphic violence" and might not be suitable for all viewers precedes episodes of "The Walking Dead," AMC's new zombie drama. The warning might seem a little redundant, as the show is called "The Walking Dead" and is about zombies.

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