ALL MY CHILDREN: When Amanda questioned Jake about his constant suspicion of Griffin, Jake opened up to her, admitting he deeply loved Cara and is still hurt she ran off with someone else. Griffin overheard them and called Cara, strongly advising her not to come to Pine Valley. Promising Griffin she'd stay away, Cara came to town and approached Jake. Meanwhile, Amanda tried to find out if Griffin's presence in Pine Valley was a coincidence, and Kendall wondered whether Griffin had the money Zach gave him for the Miranda Center. Madison learned she's pregnant. Caleb attempted to get closer with Asher and told him all about Asher's mother, Sonia, leading them to an emotional moment. JR told Annie his "date" with Marissa is only to get the custody charges dropped, but became upset when Annie interrupted his family time. Coming: Madison has to make a difficult decision.

BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL: With Ridge on her mind, Taylor made an outburst during an intimate moment that deeply hurt Whip. Although Taylor assured her husband he won't lose her to anyone, Whip warned Ridge to stay away from his wife. Confronted by Bill about his part in Liam's late arrival at the party, Oliver threatened to tell Liam and Hope about Bill's request he keep them apart, but Bill challenged Oliver with how Hope would react if she learned of Oliver's role in the ruse. Bill informed Liam he needs to make Spencer Publications his first priority and spend less time with Hope. Ridge called a halt to Brooke and Thomas' latest photo shoot, not happy with what he saw. Aggie hoped to impress Jackie by inviting her and Owen to dinner. Coming: Bill has big plans for Liam that don't include Hope.

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DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Wanting Hope permanently out of the picture before she could expose her and Lee's trafficking in illegally obtained organs, Jane arranged for Hope to be put on a bus with another prisoner who hates her. After Bo's call to the governor got the bus trip canceled, Jane made Hope send Bo a self-incriminatory letter, in which Hope concealed a secret message for him. Sami took advantage of EJ and Stefano's brief absence to visit her children. When EJ returned, Johnny told his father he only wants Mommy. Stefano forced Kate to do his bidding one too many times and she refused, choosing to move out. Kate accepted Victor's offer for her to move in with him and accept his protection against Vivian. Gabi and Will shared a kiss and realized they really care about each other. Coming: Caroline is burdened by her knowledge of the paternity secret.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: As Sonny and Brenda were finally ready to become intimate, Carly was even more motivated to find proof Dante and Brenda had slept together, while Lucky discovered photos of Brenda and Dante inside Ronan's safe deposit box. However, someone with bad motives was involved in Lucky and Siobhan's activities. Dante took actions regarding Aleksander's body he hoped would lure The Balkan to General Hospital. Johnny used the telltale syringe to blackmail Lisa. When Robin saw Lisa stealing antibiotics for Johnny, Lisa quickly made an excuse as to why she had the drugs. Robin decided to admit a hypochondriac named Theo to the hospital, recognizing his loneliness. Ethan and Maya shared a genuine kiss. Kristina was concerned Abby might be interested in Michael for his money, but Michael asked Abby for a date. Coming: Lulu is insecure about her future with Dante.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE: When Rex found the copy of Natalie's paternity test in Marty's house, Natalie was forced to tell Rex the whole story she's been keeping secret, and Rex revealed to Natalie where he had discovered the document. A furious Natalie confronted Marty. Unaware of recent events, John proposed to Natalie. Aubrey told Joey she can't marry him and later encountered Ford, whom she knew in Europe and had slept with. Kelly lied to Joey that she and Kevin are reconciling. After Inez drugged Bo, Clint manipulated Matthew into thinking Nora is cheating on Bo with Eddie. Prepared to tell Bo the truth about Clint being Rex's father, Matthew later saw Bo, unaware he was under the influence, in an embrace with Inez. When Dorian told Viki she had seen Echo and Charlie kissing, Viki gave Charlie the chance to speak up, but he didn't. Coming: Bo doesn't realize what happened to him.

YOUNG AND RESTLESS: After Phyllis informed Daniel she's taking over custody of Daisy, Daniel began to feel guilty about Phyllis' sacrifices on his behalf and announced to Phyllis and Daisy that Daisy will live with him. In the hospital, Ronan was told he needs a liver transplant. Thrilled by Sharon's belief in his innocence, Adam revealed to her he believes Jack helped Skye fake her death to frame him. Sharon's actions led Nick to decide to keep Faith with him, and for Noah to become disgusted when he realized Sharon slept with Adam. Victoria was disappointed when her hopes of being pregnant were dashed. Blake tried to assure Cane he's had a complete background created for James Collier. Coming: Sharon seems ready to burn all her bridges for Adam.

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