Scopin' the soaps: Marty helps deliver Natalie's baby
On 'Days of Our Lives,' Stefano DiMera (Joseph Mascolo) was revealed to be the mastermind of the black market organ scheme.

ALL MY CHILDREN: Annie's insecurity about losing JR focused on Marissa. When Annie accidentally knocked out Marissa while opening a door, she explained it away as a burglary attempt, but Amanda started to think Annie made up the story. JR's decision to postpone the divorce because of what happened to Marissa made Annie even more delusional. After Damon and Liza made love, he was advised by Tad not to hurt Colby by telling her. Meanwhile, Colby tried to distance herself from Asher following their kiss. Natalia finally revealed to Brot she's a virgin, and his gentle reassurance resulted in them making love. Greenlee agreed to testify at Scott's parole hearing, and offered him a job at the hospital if he dates Madison, as a way to keep Madison away from Ryan. A lawyer's comment led Ryan to think Zach may have been murdered. Coming: Greenlee and Ryan reach a fateful step.

BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL: In Paris for the Taboo press conference, Thomas became increasingly infatuated with Brooke, while Taylor worried herself into a state over her son's proximity to Brooke. However, Thomas had to face reality when he overheard a loving exchange between Ridge and Brooke during a video chat. Tawny answered for her daughter when Hope confronted Amber about seducing Liam. Encouraged by news of Amber and Liam's intimacy, Oliver urged her and Tawny to move out of the upstairs apartment. Later, Amber told her "friend with benefits" she's pregnant, assuring him the baby isn't his. Nick arrived for the vow renewal between Jackie and Whip, much to his mother's delight. Coming: Thomas shares his new perspective about life.

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DAYS OF OUR LIVES: The big boss behind the black market organ scheme was revealed to be Stefano. Jane prepared to use truth serum on Bo while Hope, after hacking into Jane's computer, found a surprise. When Johnny was diagnosed with cancer in his other eye, EJ prayed to God his son's eyesight be saved in return for EJ giving Sami access to her children. Following surgery, Johnny's cancer was gone and he didn't lose his eye. Nathan walked out on Stephanie after she admitted her role in the paternity test switch. Unaware Melanie is pregnant, Stephanie got into a confrontation with Melanie and pushed her, causing Melanie to fall. Charges were dismissed against Carly after Daniel chose not to incriminate her at the disciplinary hearing. Coming: Nicole fears she may lose her role in the children's lives.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: As Sonny and Brenda's wedding day approached, The Balkan plotted his revenge and made contact with the traitor in Port Charles. After a body believed to be Jerry was pulled out of the harbor, Jason and Dante found proof Jerry is not The Balkan. Diane almost discovered The Balkan's true identity. A horrified Michael fled from the strip club after seeing Abby dance, but they later shared a kiss. When Abby was arrested for prostitution, Michael fought for her freedom. Siobhan caught Lucky by surprise when she told him she wants to break up. Injured by a loan shark, Ethan ended up in Johnny's apartment, where Lisa tended to him and Johnny kept it a secret from Maya. Lisa played Patrick against Terrell at the hospital. Coming: Danger stalks Sonny and Brenda's wedding day.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE: Marty's conscience led her back to help Natalie deliver a baby boy. However, when John reached the cabin, a delusional Marty acted as though the baby is hers. Brot was handed his son after Jessica underwent a C-section. Tea called Inez to the stand, accusing her of letting Nate pay for a murder she committed. But Todd burst into the courtroom with evidence Nate tried to frame him for the crime. About to confess all regarding Rex, Clint and Charlie at her AA meeting, Echo recognized Dorian in the room, while Dorian demanded Echo admit Clint is Rex's father. Already harboring some concern about Aubrey's faithfulness, Joey chose to believe Cutter's claim he's Aubrey's brother, but Aubrey feared Kelly would uncover Cutter's lie. Coming: Inez finds a way to get back at Clint.

YOUNG AND RESTLESS: Nick was prepared to fight for sole custody of Faith, informing Sharon he needs to protect the child from Sharon's life choices involving Adam. When Jack showed up at the general store in Hawaii, Victor saw his photo. Later, Jack found a charred bottle of Skye's perfume and realized Victor had set him up. Victoria was triumphant in court when, with Vance's help, she made it seem as though Victor was deliberately dismantling his assets, and the judge ruled in her and Abby's favor. Paul heard a recording that indicated Ronan had fired blanks at Chance. Heather told Ronan she asked to be tested as a liver donor for him. Diane accepted Victor's no-strings offer to stay at the ranch. Billy made a decision about adoption. Coming: Sharon has a difficult choice to make.

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