ALL MY CHILDREN: Angie finally confided to Jesse about her deteriorating vision and stood by her refusal to take the medicine that could help her, in order to save their unborn child. Colby was faced with her mother's betrayal when she first found out about Liza's attempted seduction of Damon, and then about the pill switch. However, Damon insisted to a fuming Colby that she not turn Liza over to the police. Although enraged by David's peace offering of an expensive gift while at the same time he's blackmailing her, Greenlee opted to switch gears and act nicely toward him, privately admitting to Ryan that she's playing David. JR found a journal at the beach cottage and was shocked by its contents. Annie told Scott she wants to elope. Coming: Marissa makes a decision about her future with JR.

AS THE WORLD TURNS: Lily and Holden met with obstacles attempting to return to Oakdale from France in time for his wedding. Awaiting Holden's arrival, Molly had a realization while giving Abigail advice and stunned Holden by telling him that she can't be with someone who doesn't put her first. Reid made a commitment to Luke and, giving Luke a kiss, said he's willing to wait until Luke is ready. Lucinda and Blackthorn launched the next phase of their scheme, as Blackthorn told Craig he wants what Craig owes him. Katie was ready to make love, but Chris felt ill. Chris lied to Katie about what's wrong with him but Reid confronted Chris after catching him ordering a blood test for a rare disease. Henry found evidence that may lead him to discover Barbara. Coming: Blackthorn's actions draw unwanted attention.

BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL: Brooke suspected Stephanie of faking unconsciousness following her fall. When Stephanie came to, she claimed to have been attacked by Brooke, but Ridge told his mother to once and for all, back off from harassing his wife. Bridget's misery was compounded when Nick and Aggie confirmed to her they are in an intimate relationship. When Liam and Ed weren't able to find enough evidence to clear Steffy's name regarding the video, she used her charms on Liam to keep him investigating. Oliver pleaded with Hope to forgive him. Still unable to move past seeing images of him with Brooke, Hope asked Oliver to help her recover by re-enacting the events of the fateful night, using the masks, even as Taylor feared Hope could be having a breakdown. Coming: Brooke is devastated by what her actions may have done to Hope.

Latest Video

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Using Ciara to lure Bo to the house, Hope tried stabbing him with a knife, but Bo stopped her, realizing her behavior was caused by the sleeping pills and the depth of her emotional wounds caused by him. When Hope awoke with no memory of the confession she had given him, Bo played her the tape and she turned herself in, with a pained Bo making the arrest. Still in love with Rafe, Sami turned down EJ's marriage proposal but he insisted she keep the ring. Rafe hit a roadblock when the evidence he was led to by Fay had been destroyed. After making love with Nicole for the first time, Brady started to suspect her of illegally obtaining money, and wanted nothing more to do with her when she wouldn't be honest with him about it. Roman recognized Dr. Baker as the man who snatched Sami's baby. Coming: Carly fears her secret will cost her Melanie and Daniel.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Despite Dante's best efforts to keep Jason out of jail, he was sent back to Pentonville. Helena was about to tell Nikolas and Elizabeth the truth regarding Aiden's paternity but unexpectedly changed her mind. Meanwhile, Franco relocated his mother and Aiden to Oregon and launched a new "masterpiece." Robin found defaced photos of her and Patrick inside her locker. Patrick accused Lisa, who vehemently denied being responsible. Sonny set up Johnny, who was arrested by Dante and charged with the murder of Carlos Lopez. Robin heard from her old friend Brenda, a name that sparked Sonny to reminisce about their time together. As Ethan recovered at the Quartermaine home, he became concerned for Maya's emotional well-being. Coming: Where Brenda goes, will Sonny follow?

ONE LIFE TO LIVE: When Kelly told Blair she suspects Eli is Bennett Thompson, who killed at least three people, Blair accused Kelly of not wanting to see her happy. Eli forced Hannah to swallow a bottle of pills and wasn't pleased when she survived the overdose. After wrestling with the prospect of having an abortion, Natalie told John she's pregnant but asked him not to spread the word for a while. James, believing Cole is the source of Starr's unhappiness, asked Starr if he has a chance with her. Inez and Nate, her youngest son, visited James and Ford. Learning of her worsening health, Tea told Todd and Dani she has only weeks to live and wants to say goodbye to them before she moves into the hospice alone. Coming: Nate receives shocking news.

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS: Anticipating nothing more traumatic than a day of taking SAT exams at school, the girls were trapped at Rosewood high by a severe storm, forcing them to deal with personal crises. Aria and Hanna were the objects of desire by young men who had never been on their radar. Someone held onto damaging information about the past that the foursome were desperately trying to keep hidden, fearing its revelation would get them into even more trouble. As things deteriorated further in Byron and Ella's marriage, he turned to Hanna's mom, Ashley, for advice on parenting ... and maybe more? Coming: Secrets are closer than ever to being spilled.

YOUNG AND RESTLESS: A shocking scene at the cabin, where Adam had a close brush with death and the ranger accused Sharon of trying to kill Adam, greeted Nick. Fed up with Jill's obsession with the Fenmore name, Lauren exploded at Jill. Jill then made a deal with Tucker, offering to help him find out what Billy knows about Victoria's deal, in return for Tucker investigating whether Jill's father ever looked for her. Chance stated at his Internal Affairs hearing the drugs are his, and was taken into custody. Phyllis decided to leave Genoa City for a while. Malcolm and Sofia may have found a way to get Cane a temporary visa. Losing his business because of her, Kevin told Jana he no longer loves her. Mac offered to buy into the coffeehouse and share the profits with Kevin. Coming: Sharon is on the hot seat.

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