ALL MY CHILDREN: Hearing Ryan testify and declare his true love for Greenlee, a stunned Madison ended things with him. With Randi working late, Frankie was ready to console Madison even if it took all night. Liza got a drunken Nick Pearson to admit he lied on the stand because Ryan got him fired from a job years ago. Marissa took AJ to see JR at the beach house and walked in on him and Annie kissing. When JR told Asher that Caleb is stealing his son just like he stole Asher's mother from him, Asher agreed to do whatever JR wants to get revenge. After Zach told Kendall he's been getting threats from some of his business partners about the casinos, they took the kids trick-or-treating, unaware of someone shadowing them. Coming: Still a prime suspect, Greenlee speaks out.

BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL: Amber found out her new line for Jackie M was judged disappointing and decided to steal ideas from Forrester, using Oliver. After luring Oliver to her home and plying him with tequila until he passed out, Amber took the designs, which were a big hit with Nick. Seeing a hung over Oliver, a concerned Hope urged him to stay away from Amber and take a leave of absence from Forrester. Thomas ordered Taylor to mind her own business about him working with Brooke. Taylor's continued insults resulted in a slap from Brooke. Instead of staying at home to recuperate from surgery, Stephanie threw herself into advocating for the homeless, which was not the way an upset Eric thought she would spend her last days. Coming: Stephanie finally appears to be at peace.

Latest Video

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Arianna died before she could tell EJ about her proof Sami shot him. The search was on to find Arianna's camera containing the recording, and while neither Sami nor EJ could locate it, someone else did. Nicole encountered Sydney at the park and realized she still loves the child, vowing to someday get Sydney back in her life. Kate overheard Brady confess to Arianna about torturing Vivian, and found the monitor to the sarcophagus in Vivian's room. Vivian offered to help Kate get revenge against Victor in return for setting her free, but instead, Kate teamed up with Victor to keep Vivian entombed. Hope admitted to a concerned Bo there might be a cover-up regarding April's death. Caroline shocked Kayla by stating Carly did not change the paternity test results. Coming: Arianna's evidence takes over many lives.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: One of the Balkan's henchmen overheard that the person pretending to be Ronan is an undercover cop named Lucky Spencer, and told the Balkan. Trying to protect Siobhan, Lucky ordered her to stay at Wyndemere, but a restless Siobhan went outside and encountered something frightening. Sam convinced a reluctant Jason to use her to lure the Balkan instead of Brenda, and Sam disguised herself in a wig to resemble Brenda. However, Brenda caught wind of their plans and acted in her own interests. Someone dressed in the same Halloween costume as Robin took Emma away when Robin wasn't looking. Claire halted Sonny's attempt to start fresh with her, since he's still the main suspect in the car bombing. Coming: New evidence makes things worse for Sonny.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE: Eli set off a bomb that blew up the warehouse but he was quickly captured by John and tied up. As John and Todd searched for Starr and Hope, Cole fatally shot Eli but Marty took credit for the act to protect her son and was charged with murder. Natalie later found Cole's fingerprints on the gun. Hannah held James at gunpoint along with Starr and Hope, but her diabolical plan to force James and Starr to dig their own graves backfired when he broke free and saved Starr. Todd came face to face with Tea as they managed to escape the collapsing building. Greg revealed he killed Destiny's mother. As Rex disclosed he didn't find the other half of the heart necklace on his mother's grave, Clint learned his private investigator reached the gravesite before Rex and got the necklace. Coming: Cole finds happiness but it may not last for long.

YOUNG AND RESTLESS: Tucker called Diane's bluff that Ashley might find out about their night together unless Tucker changes his mind about the job offer. Victoria proposed a deal to Tucker - Beauty of Nature and Jabot would merge if she's made CEO. After Victoria and Abby turned down Victor's final offer of cash, the judge ruled in their favor and ordered Victor to turn over the financials, but Victor refused. Deacon checked himself into the same rehab center as Nikki and acted supportive toward her but Nikki made it clear they are not friends. Chloe watched a heated encounter between Kevin and Hogan in a dive bar and wondered if Kevin is gay. Asked by Skye to keep Adam in town, Sharon approached him at the bus station. Coming: Meggie tries to make the most of Nikki's absence.


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