ALL MY CHILDREN: As Ryan used the key he got from Greenlee to search Liza's office for files, David informed Greenlee he overheard her plotting with Ryan. When David threatened to hurt Ryan if she persists, Greenlee told Ryan she's staying with David, leading to a brawl between Ryan and David at Palmer's party. Caleb's speech announcing his plans to change his last name to Cortlandt was interrupted when someone collapsed in front of him. Angie feared her loss of vision might become permanent, a situation not helped by David's taunts of his intention to get her fired. Asher asked JR for a job. Colby's hints to Asher about people thinking they're a cute couple were shot down when he said that could never happen. Annie was shaken when JR told her he's accepted her commitment to Scott. Coming: A shocking turn of events results in an investigation.

AS THE WORLD TURNS: Chris finally told Katie about his damaged heart. Unable to deal with Chris' illness and the thought of losing someone else she loves, Katie fled from the hospital but received a rebuke from Kim, who told her to stay away from Chris if she can't be there for him. Katie sought guidance from Brad's spirit and later bonded with Kim. When Reid found out Chris was playing golf with a hospital bigwig, he cut the round short. After telling Luke he loves him, Reid headed for Bay City Hospital to plead for a donor heart for Chris, only to have his car stall on the railroad tracks and be hit by a train. Alison agreed to move to Carbondale with Casey so he could go to law school and they decided to get married. Bob shared the sad news that Nancy died, and the family honored her memory with a day of volunteer service. Coming: Janet goes into labor.

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BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL: Bill and Thorne each prepared for the test results that would identify one of them as Liam's father. When the DNA testing was completed, one family was relieved at the news they weren't related to Liam, while the other prepared to accept a new member into their circle. Liam's reunion with his father led Hope to start thinking about seeing her dad, Deacon. Oliver decided to resign from Forrester Creations, believing it's only fair for him to be treated as Brooke was. Meanwhile, Brooke began a leave of absence from the company and was cheered when Ridge's romantic evening for her ended with the arrival of the person she most wanted to see. Bridget went into labor at the Big Bear cabin and Owen delivered the baby. Amber's attitude and behavior toward Nick unnerved Aggie. Coming: Brooke welcomes the chance for a fresh start.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Sami and Rafe expressed their mutual love and had a passionate reconciliation. After threatening to kill Nicole, which Daniel's timely arrival prevented, a despondent EJ thought about shooting himself. However, when Kate told Sami about EJ's plan to flee with the children, Sami went to the mansion, picked up the gun, shot EJ in the head, and returned to bed next to a sleeping Rafe. As Sami was accepting Rafe's marriage proposal, Stefano and Kate discovered EJ and rushed him to the hospital. Carly tried to console Ciara about her mother being sent away because she's sick, and used the child's distress to give Bo a way out of their relationship if he wants it. Stephanie came to an important decision after believing Philip switched Chloe's paternity test results. Vivian concocted goodbye letters from "Maggie." Coming: Sami deals with the reality of what she's done.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: While Dante testified to Sonny not being a flight risk, Sonny was en route to Rome, determined to see Brenda. Just as thugs attacked Brenda, her eyes met Sonny's. Michael pleaded with Johnny to pay back the favor of saving his life by admitting the truth about the shooting. After Brook Lynn told Lulu what Carly did, Lulu confronted Carly, who turned the tables on Brook. When Tracy caught Brook trying to steal from Edward she threw her out, but Nik brought Brook to Wyndemere, where she told him the whole truth about why Carly hired her. Robin realized the extent of the threat Lisa poses when she found Emma's favorite toy boiling in a beaker in her lab. Sam and Jason had a narrow escape following a fiery faceoff with Santos Lopez's men. Michael had a bad reaction when Kristina's friend started flirting with him. Coming: Sonny and Brenda are thrown together into danger.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE: After Kelly told Blair everything about Eli, Blair feared she'd be his next victim and didn't believe his denials. As Blair and Eli wrestled for a gun it went off and Eli collapsed, an overturned oil lamp setting the place on fire. John arrived in Tahiti and found Ross, not Eli, in custody, then saved Blair from the flames. Later, the police told John the burned body they recovered is Eli's. Natalie confided to Gigi she's afraid John will deduce the baby isn't his. Langston started to share a kiss with Ford but broke it off, admitting she can't trust him after everything that happened. Jessica told Kelly she'd need a shot to protect her baby because Ford's blood type is incompatible with hers. Matthew brushed off Bo's concerns about him apprenticing with Clint. Cristian and Layla received career offers in widely separated places. Coming: While Tea's loved ones mourn, Greg gets a surprise.

YOUNG AND RESTLESS: Chance launched his plan to topple the drug ring and told Chloe about it, thinking she would go to Ronan. However, Heather told Ronan where Chance is, unaware Ronan was being followed. As Nikki admitted to Victor she has no idea where her sudden urge to drink came from, an eavesdropping Meggie was delighted to see her plan working. Kevin rebuffed Jana's request for another chance and signed the divorce papers. Later, Kevin reluctantly accepted Gloria's offer of a job at Gloworm. Meanwhile, Jana intended to get hired at Delia's preschool. Skye convinced Jack to call his contacts to invest in the Newman Fund, and then revealed to him she's the reason Adam had to drop his lawsuit. Victor wasn't pleased to learn Billy and Victoria bought a home together. Coming: Chance's risky move puts him in danger.

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