ALL MY CHILDREN: After his adoption by Tad was finalized, Damon suggested he and Liza improve their relationship. However, a friendly hug turned into an unexpected kiss by Damon, who wanted to keep the impulsive gesture a secret from Tad. When Damon told Colby he can't go to New York with her she turned down the internship but lied to Damon that the spot was canceled. Ryan overheard David on the phone with the SEC and told Greenlee David knew he wouldn't go to jail. David admitted it and apologized, but his deceit shook up Greenlee. Erica urged Caleb not to give up his share of Palmer's company to Scott or JR and they have to work together. Frankie invited Madison to stay with him and Randi, news that left Randi uneasy. Coming: Angie suffers a setback in her treatment.

AS THE WORLD TURNS: Unaware Barbara is captive in the warehouse, Henry wondered why she didn't interrupt his wedding. Vienna pretended to have a miscarriage, which prompted Katie to tell Henry the truth - there never was a baby. Paul received a postcard indicating Barbara is on a cruise, but when he ran into Will, Gwen, and Hallie, Will insisted that Barbara hates cruises. Arrested when caught in a high stakes poker game, Gabriel was permitted to work on the farm after Craig pleaded with Jack on his behalf. Craig assured a newly arrived hotshot trader, Anthony Blackburn, they can help each other. Lucinda intended to sell Lily her factory as a means to break Craig, but Lily told her the factory is exclusively for her and Carly. Coming: Barbara's absence becomes cause for concern.

BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL: Bridget's plea to Nick not to give up on their marriage was met with anger and a crushing response about their non-future together. Nick then issued a warning to Jackie that shocked Owen and Bridget, who crossed the line during a private moment with Owen. Stunned by Steffy's list of demands as her price to keep quiet about what happened between them, Oliver and Brooke made a decision. Although Ridge begged Brooke to change her mind, she gave the Forresters shocking news about her position with the company. Meanwhile, Hope became suspicious about Oliver's new attitude towards her and wondered if Steffy had a part in it. With Oliver's words of advice fresh in her mind, Hope made a heartbreaking decision. Coming: Hope believes she's lost her chance for happiness.

Latest Video

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Determined to unearth the evidence EJ and Stefano have against her, Nicole recorded them and caught EJ revealing he was behind Sydney's kidnapping! A triumphant Nicole taunted EJ with her knowledge that he had Anna kidnap Sydney. When Melanie slipped and told Philip that Daniel and Chloe are expecting a baby, a stunned Philip realized he could be the father. Carly told Chloe she'll keep Chloe's secret only if a paternity test confirms Daniel as the baby's dad. Overhearing that Madeline used to be a call girl, during a blowup with Chad over Gabi, Will said Chad's mom is a whore. While not directly confronting his mother, Chad intended to find out if what Will said is true. Adrienne caught Hope kissing Justin, unaware Hope did it to distract Justin from looking into Ciara's claims about her. Coming: EJ's whole future is on the line.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Sonny lied to Alexis and insisted he didn't order the car bomb that could have killed Kristina, had Johnny not pulled her away in time. However, Michael overheard Sonny admit he was behind the attack and talked with his father about continuing to hide the truth. Patrick had sex with Lisa and was immediately regretful. When Robin returned home and was ready for intimacy, Patrick couldn't perform. Hearing Shirley's life story caused Liz to realize what she had with Lucky, but he told Liz they're through and she needs to move on. When Liz witnessed Maxie kissing Lucky, she lashed out at her. Franco attempted to reassure his mother all his actions are justified by his art. Coming: Sonny's romantic adventures take a new turn.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE: Ford revealed Eli had sent the letter telling him to finger Hannah for his attack. After taking on Hannah as his new client, Eli questioned her about whether she saw who pushed Marty, and warned her not to tell what she knows about Marty and Ford. The barn shoot-out left Bull dead and James injured. Cole noted Starr's emotional connection to James when she received news about his condition. David convinced a panicked Matthew not to confess to ratting out Nash to Bull. Tea finally told Dani she's dying from cancer, as Dani promised her mother she'll never leave her again. Brody forgave Jessica, who admitted being in bed with Ford but not having sex with him, while concealing his own tryst with Natalie that night. Coming: Decisions are made about two proposals.

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS: The girls' attempt to ignore "A's" messages having failed, their secrets started to leak out. Aria feared her family might not survive the interest of her father's former mistress. Hanna faced humiliation when she had to look the opposite of a fashionista in order to clear her debt. Spencer's rash action gave her an undeserved honor that could be exposed at any moment. Emily and Maya's secret was just one photograph away from being revealed. A new boy arrived and threatened to upset the delicate state of the girls' various insecurities. Coming: How long will the truth about Jenna's blindness stay concealed?

YOUNG AND RESTLESS: Adam was arrested and charged with conspiracy to commit murder. Michael told Owen he has the killer and it isn't Nick, as Owen and Paul learned Patty and Adam had been in the mental hospital at the same time. While Adam told Billy to get Rafe for his lawyer if Billy wants Adam's story for Restless Style, Victoria and Paul asked Emily to talk to Patty in hopes of finding out the truth. Mac grieved for the loss of the twins and unexpectedly made a declaration of love to JT, while Lily began her treatment. Refusing to apologize for the sex tape, Abby said she'd only do a new cover with Daniel, who went along with it. Jill surprised everyone at Kay's holiday barbecue by announcing she's changing her name to Jill Fenmore. Coming: Adam still intends to pull the strings.


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