ALL MY CHILDREN: When a Pine Valley resident collapsed in front of Caleb and was pronounced dead, the cause appeared to be due to violence, but Jake wasn't sure and sent the body for autopsy. As interim district attorney, Liza announced her intention to prosecute if the death was found to be homicide, but

didn't accept a deal when the presumed murderer was brought before her. Asher advised Colby not to tell the police about the fight they witnessed, then dodged the police and admitted to Colby he was often in trouble as a youth. Colby described what she had seen to her mother but became upset when Liza said it has to be presented as evidence. Kendall was arrested for stealing Liza's briefcase and burning the evidence it contained. Scott warned JR his plans to get control of the company wouldn't succeed. Coming: The cause of death leads to possible new suspects.

AS THE WORLD TURNS: Suffering from mortal injuries, Reid was brought to Memorial and hoped his heart would be a match for Chris. After sharing a goodbye kiss with Luke, Reid fell back and was pronounced brain dead. Reid's heart was found to be a match for Chris, who came through the surgery successfully but was angry with Reid for having to die in order to become his donor. Katie tried to make Chris see doing this was Reid's wish. Lily and Holden visited Reid's uncle Angus in Brooklyn, N.Y., where they were given a chess piece of Reid's Angus had kept for years, and wanted Luke to have. Lucinda sang the blues to John after her attempt to reconnect with Lily was rebuffed. When Lucinda told John she's focusing on protecting her business interests instead of making peace with Lily, he urged her to change. Coming: Luke and Noah reminisce about the past.

BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL: Katie and Hope secretly arranged a meeting between Bill and Liam, but Bill's reluctance to participate led to an outcome was not what they intended. Grateful for Hope's efforts, Liam took her to the beach and hinted he'd like them to be more than friends. Trying to come up with a reason for Bill's appalling behavior, Katie believed it might stem from something in his past. Bridget and Owen felt awkward after sharing an intimate moment following the birth of their son, who they named Logan. Ignoring Stephanie's words of warning, Jackie believed her marriage would survive this event and unwittingly interrupted bonding time between the parents and their newborn.

Bridget decided where she and Logan would live, while Owen was torn between spending time with Jackie and Bridget and the baby. Coming: Katie wants to know what has made Bill act so inappropriately.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Sami was shocked to learn EJ is still alive, while an unaware Rafe thought she's upset because she had wished EJ would die. Fearing what Stefano might do if he found out about her phone call to Sami, Kate got Sami to agree to keep the call a secret. When Stefano discovered his gun missing, he accused Sami. Meanwhile, Sami had no choice but to admit to an accusatory Will she had been in the house that night after he said he saw her there, but Rafe stepped in as Will pressed Sami to admit to shooting EJ. After Philip was ruled out as the culprit, Stephanie plotted with Ian to prove Chloe changed the paternity test results and showed up at Chloe's door. Maggie had second thoughts about going on her trip, but realized she has to leave because of her undeniable feelings for Victor. Coming: Sami fears what EJ will say if he wakes up.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: After Sonny rescued Brenda from the kidnapping attempt they had a brief reunion. However, Brenda was later abducted, while Sonny returned to Port Charles and turned himself in to the police. Determined to find exonerating evidence, Jason and Dante's investigation led to a construction worker's cell phone footage that showed Johnny pulling what looked like a gun on Sonny. Lucky agreed to help Tracy bring Luke home but his plans changed when he agreed to go undercover for Interpol impersonating the Balkan ring assassin Ronan O'Reilly.

Seeing Robin's outburst at Lisa, Steve suspended Robin but soon realized it's Lisa who's out of control. Although Robin moved out with Emma, she agreed to work together with Patrick to gain the upper hand over Lisa and protect their child. Coming: Michael still has unresolved emotional issues.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE: Unable to keep her secret any longer, Jessica told Brody the baby might not be his. Meanwhile, Brody wondered whether he and Natalie should reveal the fact they had a one-night stand, but Natalie tried to talk him out of it, given the potential consequences. Greg was about to tell Todd something about Tea when he received a text message that caused him to clam up. After getting a mysterious phone call, Greg went to the hospice where he treated Tea and was in for a shocking surprise.

Dani told Nate about a text she received she thinks is from Ross. Cole asked James to leave Starr alone so he can try to have another chance with her. Knowing Langston is now aware of his tryst with Jessica, Ford accepted he and Langston are over for good and decided to teach the class she'll be taking. Coming: Brody makes a decision about his secret.

YOUNG AND RESTLESS: Aware Billy and Victoria are getting married right away, Victor made a phone call and the wedding ceremony was interrupted right before the "I do's." When Nikki told Victor she's fed up with his control over their families' lives, he wondered if that meant Nikki changed her mind about marrying him. Stunned by the realization Ronan is his brother, Chance confronted Ronan, who didn't deny it. To prove his loyalty to Meeks and Owen, Ronan agreed to kill Chance. Heather was fearful about what might happen to Chance at the drug deal and finally admitted to Chance she loves him. Chance vowed to return to Heather, but was shot at the warehouse. Jack was concerned when he learned from Ashley about Victor's plan to dismantle Abby's trust fund. Coming: Billy and Victoria realize how serious an adversary Victor can be.

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