ALL MY CHILDREN: Erica was unable to cut her connection to Caleb due to the undeniable sexual tension between them. Caleb revealed to Erica he abandoned his career as a lawyer when Adam stole the woman he loved. When Caleb kissed Erica and said he'll give up his life in the mountains for her, she asked Jackson to postpone the wedding until they're both sure it will be forever. A drunken Greenlee confessed to Ryan that sometimes she wakes up thinking he's next to her, unaware David had overheard them. Unable to let Ryan go, Greenlee snuck into his hotel room in New York but Ryan tossed her out and he and Madison shared their first kiss. Jesse's anger exploded when David pushed his taunting too far. Angie suffered more visual disorientation attacks. Randi headed to Italy, aware David has targeted Frankie to be laid off. Coming: Madison has a candid talk with Greenlee.

AS THE WORLD TURNS: Furious to learn Vienna was never pregnant, Henry told her he wants an annulment or a divorce. When Katie revealed Barbara knew Vienna's secret, Henry realized Barbara might have been kidnapped so she couldn't stop the wedding. As Barbara continued to hallucinate in the warehouse, her phone was located at the Lakeview. Not happy with Blackthorn's grandiose attitude toward Worldwide and his prior acquaintance with Janet, when he went by the name Tony Nero, Dusty started to investigate him. With Carly unable to go to New York, Craig accompanied Lily to sign the contracts. They were photographed in their hotel room in skimpy undies, and when Lucinda saw the pictures, she called someone and asked them to come home. Coming: Bob's decision may impact Reid and Luke's lives.

BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL: Following a jailhouse visit with Stephen, Pam testified as an eyewitness to the shooting. Stephanie was furious with her sister for not realizing Stephen's true motives, as Bill launched his plan to re-acquire part of Forrester Creations. Newly released from prison, Stephen thanked Bill for his help, tried to convince Pam he cares for her, and received a threat from Stephanie. Unwilling to put her life on hold for Oliver any longer, Hope decided to go to college in Boston. Steffy found new ammunition for another blackmail demand in the details of Donna's settlement, which pushed Brooke to finally tell Ridge the only reason she left Forrester is because Steffy is blackmailing her. Jackie consoled Bridget after Nick rejected her again. Coming: Ridge can't believe he's been deceived again.

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DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Nicole made several attempts to tell Sami EJ had Sydney kidnapped, but Sami refused to hear what she had to say. Nicole then informed EJ she's backing off from revealing what he did but intends to make him pay. Chad confronted Madeline about her lurid past, forcing her to admit she had been a hooker out of financial need. When Chad refused to believe Madeline wasn't hiding other secrets, she followed him but slipped and fell down a flight of stairs. Adrienne revealed to Bo Justin and Hope had kissed. Meanwhile, when Hope acted strangely chummy toward Carly, she told Bo, while Hope unveiled to Dr. Baker she intends to kill Bo. Chloe, fearing Daniel would leave her, stopped herself from telling him the truth. Coming: Brady and Arianna are filled with regret.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Franco's clues led Jason, Dante and Spinelli to conclude Franco has been committing murders along Route 66, with Los Angeles as his final destination. With Helena thinking about revealing the baby's real paternity, Liz's medicine did not take effect and she went into early labor. Robin didn't understand Patrick's reluctance to make love, while Lisa put Patrick on the spot about their tryst at every opportunity. Sonny and Kristina reached a new level of understanding about what she went through with Kiefer. Spinelli reluctantly told Maxie he's letting her go. When Claire started to grill Sonny, he gave her a passionate kiss and she pretended to be falling for him. Ethan finally got Maya to talk about her tragic romantic past. Coming: Kiefer's father has it in for Alexis and doesn't care who gets hurt.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE: While Ford and James talked about how their mother left them, Nate's mother Inez insisted on returning the money he took, telling the nurse to use her check to pay for the medical expenses of the sons she abandoned, James and Ford. After Blair told Todd and Tea she accepted Eli's marriage proposal, Eli brought up Todd's killing of his brother Ross, leading Tea to reveal Ross is still alive. Eli threatened Hannah, who had failed to obtain immunity. In response, Hannah opted to go for an insanity plea but wouldn't tell Cole why. Todd insisted to Tea he wants to marry her for love, not because she is dying. Layla was faced with an agonizing decision when she visited her sister Evangeline, on life support at the hospital. Coming: Tea's impending death hits Dani hard.

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS: The Rosewood High School homecoming dance was not a happy escape for the four friends who were trying to conceal their secrets, rather than compete for homecoming queen. Emily's choice for a homecoming date put her in an awkward situation led her buddies to act protectively, as best they could. One of the girls continued to be frustrated by her boyfriend's virginity pledge, since she was more than ready to move their relationship to the next level. And Spencer's sister, Melissa, was out to get revenge for the theft of her award-winning paper, compounded by the indignity of her former fiance preferring her younger sister. Coming: The effects of A's disclosures cannot be undone.

YOUNG AND RESTLESS: Phyllis said a final goodbye to Nick, ending their marriage. As Sharon and Nikki shared the news with Victor, Adam turned up with Skye and told Sharon he still loves her. Vance Abrams, Adam's new attorney, requested bail for his client. Victor made it clear to Victoria he's disappointed in her choice of men, but Billy used a creative way to tell Victoria he loves her too. Ashley and Tucker decided to see where their relationship leads. Following an unexpected passionate kiss, Jack and Phyllis were tempted to take things further but instead ended up breaking into laughter. Mac admitted to JT she feels cheated over losing the twins. Cane warmed Lily's heart with a little surprise party. Coming: Victor's children make his life anything but stress free.


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