ALL MY CHILDREN: The intense kiss shared by Ryan and Greenlee led them to make love. When Ryan and Greenlee finally located Nick Pearson, Greenlee appealed to him for help, since she, not Ryan, is being prosecuted. However, Greenlee later told Jackson the new evidence they had was destroyed.Coming: Greenlee is stunned by the verdict.

BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL: Taylor reeled out of control when she realized Ridge went back on his word to her and now supports Thomas and Brooke's men's line, which has been named "Taboo." As the argument escalated, Brooke, Ridge and Thomas tried finding a way to handle an overwrought Taylor. Stephanie was given the opportunity to have her brain surgery performed immediately, and Ridge and Brooke joined Eric and Dayzee at the hospital waiting for the results. Coming: Hope makes a fateful decision.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Nicole gave Sami's taped confession to EJ, asking in return to have Sydney back in her life, which EJ appeared to agree to. EJ then told Sami he'd keep quiet about her confession if she gives him full custody of Johnny, and Sydney and agrees never to see them again. Believing she had no choice, Sami accepted his terms. Coming: Victor has a limited time to save Maggie.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Patrick pleaded with Lisa to show mercy toward Robin. A scheming Lisa offered to stay away from the hospital board - if Patrick agrees to sleep with her.. With Robin vowing to fight back, from her hospital bed if necessary, Maxie caught Lisa injecting drugs into Robin's IV. Lisa fled and gave the syringe to Johnny, who hid it for her. Coming: Temptation appears to be irresistible between Sonny and Brenda.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE: Echo revealed to everyone she is Rex's biological mother. Dorian accused Clint of being Rex's father and set off an alarm while breaking into Clint's drawer to get proof. After Clint gained access to the lab where the tests were being done to determine Rex's paternity, Viki confronted Clint with Dorian's accusation regarding his possession of the necklace. Coming: Todd wants Marty kept far away from Hope.

YOUNG AND RESTLESS: Taken aback by Nick's proposal, Sharon was deeply moved when Nick gave her the engagement ring from high school, and agreed to marry him. When the results came back on Daisy's baby's paternity, Kevin offered to raise the child if Daniel won't. Coming: Heather gets an unexpected job offer.