ALL MY CHILDREN: Randi urged Madison to wait regarding the future of her pregnancy, but when Madison learned she's three months along, she realized she's running out of time. After making her decision, Madison opted not to tell Ryan she's pregnant. Jackson overheard Erica say she wished Greenlee never came back to Pine Valley. Although Jackson and Erica agreed to get married on New Year's Eve, the tension between them was obvious. Already disappointed when her gift from JR wasn't an engagement ring, Annie spied a loving moment as JR, Marissa, Tad and Krystal set up their Christmas tree, and tore up her hotel room in a jealous rage. Coming: Annie wants more than what JR seems willing to give.

BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL: Whip arranged for a prank at the Taboo fashion show he hoped would cause a rift in Ridge's marriage as payback for what Ridge did to his and Taylor's. The resulting photo wound up on the Internet, infuriating Ridge, as Brooke and Thomas tried to calm him down, and Taylor fumed when Whip made sure she saw the picture. As Brooke offered to remove herself from Taboo to keep the peace, Whip plotted his next move against Ridge. Rejected in her latest attempt to seduce Oliver, Amber turned her focus toward the wealthy Liam, and persuaded Marcus to put her on the guest list for Bill's big party to introduce Liam as the new face of Spencer Publications. Coming: Amber has visions of sharing in the Spencers' lavish lifestyle.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Gabi and Will saw something odd in recent photos of Johnny and brought them to Rafe. Lexie became alarmed while examining Johnny and told EJ the child needs to be seen by a specialist. After irrationally blaming Sami for causing Johnny's illness, EJ ordered Sami to leave the hospital, when Dr. Kim arrived with bad news. Daniel was stunned to overhear Stephanie tell Caroline that Philip cheated on Melanie. As Daniel confronted Philip, Chloe entered in time to hear Daniel blast Philip for cheating. Philip made up a story for Daniel about having a one-time fling with his secretary. Coming: Melanie and Nathan deal with lingering feelings for each other.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Sonny and Brenda made a commitment to each other and gave in to their passion. Just as Jason and Dante planned, Jerry showed up, but he escaped after killing an innocent civilian and fled with Aleksander's body. Jerry soon intruded into Jax's home, menacing Carly at gunpoint and vowing not to stop until he gets Brenda. Grilled by Carly, Brenda finally admitted the truth about the Balkan's son, while Jax armed himself, ready to take down Jerry. Determined to end Michael's budding romance with Abby, Carly threatened the girl and asked Luke to dig up dirt on her. Coming: Luke is under pressure to show up for his wedding.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE: Brody and Nate broke up the fight between Eddie and Ford. As James pointed his gun at Eddie, chaos ensued and Eddie was killed, with James, Nate, Ford and Inez all suspects. Todd claimed innocence when a cufflink with his initials was found in Eddie's room, while Tea agreed to represent James, who insisted he had changed his mind about shooting Eddie. Inez intended to tell Bo they did not have sex, but Clint threatened to tell the police he saw Inez's son at the crime scene. Coming: Unaware of the truth, Matthew is filled with rage.

YOUNG AND RESTLESS: While Kevin poured out his heart to Chloe, Jana schemed to obtain Daisy's baby in order to get Kevin back. Chloe's strong reaction to seeing Heather and Ronan kiss made it clear she doesn't have the same feelings for Kevin. Kevin turned to Jana and had sex with her, which Chloe witnessed and decided to move out, much to Jana's delight. After he and Heather made love for the first time, Ronan got a call from his doctor saying the biopsy was positive and Ronan needs to go to Boston immediately. Coming: Nick's behavior causes a huge rift between him and Victoria.

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