ALL MY CHILDREN: Bianca told a heartbroken Kendall part of the plane had been found. At Kendall's insistence, Greenlee went to the crash site with her and pointed out exactly where the aircraft went down. When Asher was charged with speeding, he ignored Caleb and accepted the free lawyer offered to him. However, Caleb later took care of the speeding ticket. Asher was rattled to come upon Colby in an intense kiss with Damon. As Annie arrived in Washington, D.C., at JR's request, they made love, admitting life is too short and they want to be together. Annie was not devastated when she got word of Scott filing divorce papers, while JR hoped he could persuade Marissa to back off in court. Madison arrived at Ryan's door and fainted. Amanda questioned Griffin about Jake's activities when he was with Doctors Without Borders.

Coming: Erica wants Greenlee kept far away from Kendall.

BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL: Angry over Stephanie's assertion it's not realistic to forbid Thomas from being in contact with Brooke, Taylor feared the worst when she saw Thomas kissing a blonde, only to find out it's a model friend. Taylor reacted strongly when Ridge admitted to her that if there was more between Brooke and Taylor than the fashion line, his and Brooke's marriage would be over and he'd return to Taylor. Unnoticed, Whip overheard part of Taylor and Ridge's exchange. After trash talking Amber to Oliver, Aggie found Amber hiding and was informed Amber is living with Oliver. Amber immediately offered to leave but Oliver surprised her with a key to the apartment above the garage. As Liam and Oliver argued over who is right for Hope, Amber managed to place a seed of doubt with Hope about Liam.

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Coming: Liam intends to make his case for Hope a convincing one.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: When the paternity test proved Stefano is Chad's father, he offered to make Chad part of the family, but Chad had no interest in becoming a DiMera. Stefano realized Kate sent Chad the birth certificate and kicked her out. Daniel was prepared to test an experimental cure for the virus on himself but Carly beat him to it. Moved by her mother's sacrifice, Melanie told Carly she loves her. Bo rushed to Carly's side on learning of her dire condition and she began to recover, enabling Melanie and Nathan to be cured. Meanwhile, following Bo's meeting with Warden Smith, Hope told the warden her concerns about Lee, and Smith planned to get rid of Hope - permanently. When Roman threatened to neutralize EJ, he responded by vowing to send Sami to prison. Philip misunderstood when Stephanie tried to tell him he's the father of Chloe's baby. Coming: Vivian reveals her master plan to destroy her enemies.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Lucky, Jason and Dante suspected the Balkan might be Jerry Jax. After a mysterious figure stalked Sam, Jason asked her to move in with him so he could protect her, but Sam refused. Later, Sam was attacked and Jason rescued her, but something went wrong before the culprit could be questioned. As Jax searched for Jerry, Dante and Jason plotted to lure the Balkan out of hiding. Sonny and Brenda's long-awaited date led them to the temptation of passion. Lucky headed for New York to begin his next Ronan O'Reilly assignment for Interpol, followed by Siobhan. Robin was the one chastised when she lashed out at Lisa for making an Internet confession. When Johnny learned of Ethan and Maya's marital conditions, he kept Maya out of Ethan's bed by sabotaging a game of cards.

Coming: Lucky agrees to make Siobhan his accomplice.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE: Kelly geared up to tell Joey how she feels about him, while he made love to someone else. Kelly was unaware as Joey later introduced Aubrey to Viki and Clint as the woman he's going to marry. Stunned by Clint's plans for her, Inez was prevented from telling Bo how Clint wants to use her. However, Inez finally agreed to do Clint's bidding, if he makes Eddie disappear. Instead, after Clint used Ford to give Eddie a payoff, he then armed Eddie and sent him to abduct Nora. Todd hired Rex to keep Marty away from Starr and Hope. Marty gave John a copy of the DNA results, wrapped like a present, that named Brody as the father of the child he thinks is his, but she took it back after having an attack of conscience. Rex became suspicious of the mysterious package. Dorian spied on Echo and Charlie sharing a kiss.

Coming: Eddie goes too far.

YOUNG AND RESTLESS: In New Orleans, Sharon ended up in front of a carved angel in the cemetery and Adam stepped out of the shadows. When Sharon told Adam there's no hope for them, he responded by sweeping her into a passionate kiss. Phyllis startled Michael by her unexpected arrival in New Orleans and shared her belief Sharon and Adam went there to meet. Meanwhile, Sharon and Adam made love. The next day, Adam's world came crashing down when Sharon had a memory of being with Nick that led her to break things off. As Sharon kissed Adam goodbye, Nick and Michael arrived to witness their embrace. Diane subtly tried to seduce Jack by being available for him to vent his frustrations. Although Nikki tried to keep her distance from Deacon, when he showed up at her door and took her in his arms, she couldn't resist his kiss.

Coming: Sharon tries to make Nick understand what she did.

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