ALL MY CHILDREN: Erica discovered evidence proving Asher is Caleb's son, which Colby also figured out. After hearing the news from Erica, a stunned Caleb pushed Asher away, causing him to accidentally fall down the stairs. JR thanked Annie for helping his case by taking the blame. Learning the money in Nick Pearson's account was traced to David, Ryan concluded David tried to set him up, and Ryan was determined to find evidence against Pearson. Zach's partner agreed to let him get out of the casino. Coming: Greenlee wants to help Ryan prove they're both innocent.

BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL: Hoping to give Nick more stolen designs, Amber began flirting with Oliver. Using a combination of seduction skills and booze, Amber got Oliver to bring her back to his house. However, a suspicious Hope took Liam to Oliver's place where they spied Amber breaking into Oliver's computer. Following Hope's fashion show, when the reporters started leaving before Thomas could present his men's line, he convinced Brooke to go along with a publicity stunt he devised to catch the media's attention. An instant attraction arose when Marcus and Dayzee were introduced. Ridge offered Bridget a job at Forrester. Coming: Oliver misinterprets a reassurance from Hope.

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DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Caroline floored Kayla by admitting she switched the paternity test results, mostly out of anger with Victor, regretting she told Bo he's Victor's biological son. Hope discovered there had been another mysterious death in the prison and told Bo, all the while pretending to accept Lee's explanation for the other prisoner's demise. Vivian began to have delusions due to the paint fumes in the sarcophagus. Maggie wanted to go to the police and ended up in the sarcophagus. Brady learned he was bequeathed most of Arianna's estate. Coming: EJ has ordered deadly retaliation on whoever shot him.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Convinced by Robin that Lisa had worn the witch costume, Patrick confronted Lisa but had to apologize when her defense seemed solid, unaware she did have the same costume. Later, a birthday candle set the living room on fire after Emma's party, but Robin fell on the stairs before she could get help. Dante came to Brenda's aid when she was grabbed by the Balkan's henchman, who Brenda shot and killed. Michael admitted to Kristina he knew about Sonny's involvement in the car bombing. Coming: Lisa strikes back against Robin's accusation.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE: As Cole was sought for killing Eli, Marty slapped Natalie - who had provided the evidence against him - and vowed revenge. Later, Marty found out Natalie had a paternity test. Although Starr was willing to go on the run with Cole, he turned himself in for Eli's murder. Confronted by Viki and Rex about the pendant he found in her room, Echo threatened to have Rex arrested for breaking and entering. She then questioned Roxy for details about Rex's early years. When Viki accused Echo of running a scam on Rex, Echo made a shocking confession. Coming: Cole learns if he's headed back to prison.

YOUNG AND RESTLESS: While Victor was unsure if he still wants to marry Nikki due to her relapse, Deacon had a change of heart about making things worse for Nikki and removed the booze, leading them close to a kiss. When Victoria finally got to see Nikki, she urged her to get away from Victor for good, just like Victoria is doing. Seeing Victor on Heather's campaign donor list, Billy wrote a scathing story about Heather being in Victor's back pocket. Based on Cane vouching for him personally, James was hired without being interviewed by Sofia. Jana told Kevin that Daisy had been in her room, which had been trashed. Coming: Noah may be drawn into something not in his best interest.

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