My mom, Suzanne Belber, is amazing. My sister and I are very lucky. I am a 15 year old, and I play on my high school's field hockey team and I am involved with the music department, which is a lot of crazy running around. My little sister, Nicole, is 10 years old and swims and does gymnastics. (My mom) also runs our two cousins (Marisa and Morgan, ages 12 and 5) places since their mom is working. She also works for the Electric Company, but still finds the time to come to as much as she can - like swim meets, field hockey games, and countless performances. And, we always have lots of fun, even if we are working on my .... homework. My mom works really hard to let us be able to do all the fun things we do as a family. That's why my mom is the best. - Mariah Belber, Egg Harbor Township