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The top paid and free iPhone and iPad apps on App Store for the week ending Feb 10.

Paid iPhone Apps:

Latest Video

1. "Cycloramic Studio 360 Panorama," Egos Ventures

2. "Threes!," Sirvo

3. "Minecraft - Pocket Edition," Mojang

4. "Red Bouncing Ball Spikes," Oscar Pineiro

5. "Waterlogue," Tinrocket

Free iPhone Apps:

1. "Ironpants,"

Eduardas Klenauskis

2. "Paper - stories from Facebook," Facebook

3. "Super Ball Juggling," Dong Nguyen

4. "Unroll Me - unblock the slots," Turbo Chilli Pty

5. "NBC Olympics Highlights and Results," NBC Universal, above

Paid iPad Apps:

1. "Minecraft - Pocket Edition," Mojang

2. "Hide N Seek : MC Mini Game With Worldwide Multiplayer," wang wei

3. "Pixel Gun 3D - Block World Pocket Survival Shooter with Skins Maker for minecraft (PC edition) & Multiplayer," Alex Krasnov

4. "The Room Two," Fireproof Games

5. "Survivalcraft,"

Igor Kalicinski

Free iPad Apps:

1. "NBC Olympics Highlights and Results," NBC Universal

2. "NBC Sports Live Extra," NBC Universal

3. "Ironpants," Eduardas Klenauskis

4. "Unroll Me - unblock the slots," Turbo Chilli Pty

5. "Toca Cars,"

Toca Boca AB

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