Going to the prom often revolves around the girl - and the gown.

But what about the guys? The prom also is a chance for young men to show off their best selves.

If dressing up in tie and tails for a night on the town isn't intuitive, there are things guys can do to be a polite, memorable date.

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Here are some quick tips for how to make sure the dance is a fun experience for you and your friends.

•Clarify the style of flower arrangement she wants - a wristlet, pin-on corsage or small bouquet. She may have a preference based on what she's wearing (or might want to pick it out and/or buy it herself).

•If you're going with a group, designate from the start how the cost for such things as a limousine, dinner, etc., will be divided, who's collecting the money and by when.

•At the dance, strike a balance between spending time with your date and with your friends (or other members of your party if attending as a group). If you see other people you'd like to visit, ask your date if it'd be OK for you to take a few minutes to mingle (and make sure she has someone else to hang out with in the meantime. Don't just abandon her).

•Chivalry is charming but not welcomed by all. Ask your date: May I take your coat? May I get the door for you? May I help you with your chair? If she declines, at least you offered.

•Do what feels comfortable. If slow dances aren't your thing, use that time to grab a drink or a snack with your date or just talk. On the other hand, don't go overboard with PDA on the dance floor.

•Limit cellphone use. If you have to make a call or respond to texts, let your date know so she doesn't feel like her company isn't enough to keep you entertained. Also, limit social media use until a break in festivities or after the dance, and ask your date or other group members if they're OK with you sharing photos and comments of your night with them on social media sites.

•Make sure your date or group is home by curfew. No need to ruin an otherwise good time by getting back late and stirring trouble.

Sources: Lizzie Post, co-author of "Emily Post's Etiquette," 18th edition, and "The Art of Manliness."

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