Trudeau hiatus

Fans of the comic strip "Doonesbury" are taking a journey into the past as creator Garry Trudeau focuses on his Amazon Prime TV series.

Trudeau has announced he will continue creating new Sunday strips for the comic, but will run classic Doonesbury strips on Mondays through Saturdays for an indefinite period.

"In selecting the strips for this retrospective journey, we're going deep, literally back to Day One," Trudeau said about the plan, which began Monday. "Revisiting four weeks of strips from every year of syndication, I hope to hit many 'Doonesbury' high points, focusing on how the characters (more than 75 of them) got involved with one another."

Trudeau is creator of the TV series "Alpha House," about four senators who live together in Washington, D.C. The series has been picked up for a second season.