Trainer: Marissa Tartal, Tilton Fitness in Galloway Township

Exercise: Squat with shoulder press

Muscles targeted: Quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, shoulders/back and core

Equipment: Cable machine (5 to 10 pounds for beginners)

Sets/reps: 3 sets/12 reps

Adjust the cables to the lowest position and attach a single handle to each side. With your back to the machine, grasp a handle in each hands with an overhand grip and take 1 to 2 steps away from the machine. Raise your hands to shoulder height. Keeping your core engaged and weight in your heels, push your hips back into squat position. Push through your heels into a standing position while pressing the cables overhead. Slowly push your hips back into a squat, while returning your hands to shoulder height. Repeat in one fluid motion of 12 repetitions and 3 sets.