Last Monday, Ed Hitzel did what was nearly a monthly ritual: He gathered four friends and headed to New York to his favorite steakhouse – Peter Luger’s, where they would order the biggest dry-aged steaks and finish the meal with schlag, homemade whipped cream that defies its simplicity with …

In 1951, Bill Gabriel Sr. went full time into the family produce business that was founded in 1917 by his father, Henry Gabriel Sr. That was after Bill fought in World War II as a U.S. Navy gunner and came home to work for New Jersey’s highway department and before a company that had been ca…

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If the Pleasantville Toll Plaza was doubled, would you still take the Atlantic City Expressway?

Atlantic City Council passed a resolution Wednesday requesting the fare be raised to $1.50 at the Atlantic City Expressway’s Pleasantville Toll Plaza, with the additional revenue going to the city.

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