The first Golden Knights jumper comes in on the beach, at Florida Avenue. Practice day for the Atlantic City Air Show Thunder over The Boardwalk. Tuesday, August ,16, 2011 ( Press of Atlantic City / Danny Drake)

Danny Drake

Practice for the Thunder Over the Boardwalk Atlantic City Air Show has been temporarily suspended due to a passing rainstorm. Spectators are waiting word as to when the practice will resume.

The rain started about 12:50 p.m. and 1:10 p.m. there seemed to be clouds everywhere. It doesn’t appear that the weather will pass anytime soon, but organizers said they expected the practice would resume today.

The practice began earlier in the day, as parachutists swooped down onto the beach - but not over heavy crowds.

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Wednesday's main event is expected to draw tens of thousands of people, but so far on Tuesday the Boardwalk and beach have seen only modest crowds, and someone who didn't see people jumping out of airplanes might assume it was a normal day at the beach.

The people who are here, however, are going to make the most of it.

"We're not coming tomorrow," said Anthony Dantoni of Rumson, Monmouth County, who came on the day of the show two years ago. "There's too many people."

"It was crazy," said his wife, Tracey. "You could barely walk on the Boardwalk."

Police Sgt. Monica McMenamin and city OEM manager Tom Foley said that everything was going smoothly so far.

"The weather's beautiful," Foley said, "and we're all working together. ... We're ready for a good show."

Practice events continue until mid-afternoon.


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