Lacey Township High School beat Pinelands Regional 45-33 and lost to host Middletown South 38-28 Saturday.

Lacey Township 45, Pinelands Regional 33

At Middletown South

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106—Mike Heck PR p. Jacob Meimin; 113—Benjamin Mrozinski LT p. Sam March; 120—Sean Moynihan LT won by forfeit; 126—Tom Poklikuha PR p. Kyle Brandt; 132—Nick Vecci LT d. Corey Byrne 4-2; 138—Andrew Garrity LT p. Kyle Mattina; 145—John Moynihan LT p. Andrew Albanese; 152—James Mattina PR d. Matt Opacity 1-0; 160—David Paprota LT won by forfeit; 170—Anthony Blasco PR won by forfeit; 182—Luke Fernandez p. Ryan Bezak; 195—Max Schnepp PR won by forfeit; 220—Patrick Schinder LT p. Brent Conger; 285—John Campano PR p. Ray DiBenedetto.

Records—Lacey 2-2; Pinelands 1-3.

*NOTE: Times were unavailable for all pinfalls.

Middletown South 38, Lacey Township 28

At Middletown South

106—Kyle Bandilla MS d. Jacob Meimin 8-5; 113—Dominica Fanciosi MS d. Ben Mrozinski 8-5; 120—Connor Garrity LT md. Angel Martinez 19-7; 126—James Powderley LT p. Dylan Murphy 2:26; 132—Nick Vecci LT d. Garrett Rumsby 7-3; 138—John Moynihan LT d. Ryan Cotterell 8-4; 145—Matthew Best MS p. Andrew Garrity 1:36; 152—Andrew Blasco MS md. Matt Opacity 16-5; 160—Kevin Fischer MS md. David Paprota 11-2; 170—Luke Fernandez LT p. Trent Giglio 2:45; 182—Mohamad Jrad MS won by forfeit; 195—Connor Spreen MS won by forfeit; 220—Patrick Schinder LT p. Brian Kyne :30; 285—Tyler Tomanek MS d. Ray DiBenedetto LT :30.

Records-Lacey 2-2; Middletown South 4-3.

Middletown South 51, Pinelands Regional 27

At Middletown South

106—Kyle Bandilla MS p. Kyle Heck 1:30; 113—Dominic Franciosi MS p. Sam March :41; 120—Dylan Murphy MS won by forfeit; 126—Tom Poklikuha PR p. Angel Martinez 1:30; 132—Garrett Rumsby MS p. Corey Byrne 2:21; 138—Ryan Cotterell MS d. Kyle Mattina 8-4; 145—Matthew Best MS p. Andrew Albanese :15; 152—Andrew Blasco MS won by forfeit; 160—James Mattina PR d. Kevin Fischer 7-4; 170—Trent Giglio MS won by forfeit; 182—Jack Buchalski MS p. Anthony Blasco :30; 195—Connor Spreen MS p. Max Schnepp :31; 220—Brian Kyne MS p. Brent Conger 1:17; 285—Tyler Tomanek MS p. Sean Murphy 1:17.

Records—Pinelands 1-3; Middletown South 4-3.

Jackson Memorial 45, Pinelands Regional 15

106—Fred Terranova JM tf. Mike Heck; 113—Zack Baker JM p. Sam March; 120—Vinny Falzarano JM won by forfeit; 126—Tom Poklikuha PR d. Hunter Reese 3-0; 132—Jarret Digiantomasso JM md. Corey Byrne 9-0; 138—Austin Clarke JM d. Kyle Mattina 1—0; 145—Sean Leahey JM p. Andrew Albanese; 152—Spencer Young JM p. James Mattina; 160—double forfeit; 170—Daylan Wellstead JM d. Anthony Blasco 3—2; 182—Ryan Bezak PR p. James Plaganis; 195—Kenneth Bradley JM won by forfeit; 220—Brent Conger PR p. Broderick Graham; 285—Max Mondello JM d. John Campano 2—0.

Records—Jackson 3—0; Pinelands 1-3.

*Note: Times were unavailable for all pinfalls.

Middle Township 49, Atlantic City 18

Middle Township earned three pins en route to a Cape-Atlantic League win over Atlantic City.

At Middle Township

106—Joe Curtis M won by forfeit; 113—Ronway Harris MT p John Swift 1:26; 120—Kenny Dale MT d Sam Cohen 12-1; 126—Double forfeit; 132—Brandon Cutis MT d Tom Forkin 18-12, 2:00; 138—Jake Kershaw M p John Migone 5:43; 145—Giancarol Martinez AC p Trayvon Blake 3:55; 152—John Mallett MT d Joseph Cutugno 12-4; 160—Jacob Canter MT p Giovanni Perez 3:44; 170—Cesar Balmaceta AC d John Mooers 21-2; 182—Percy Lierena AC d James Loftus 27-14; 195—Saeed Saad AC d Harry Hozunk 6-5; 220—Jason Sierra MT p Omar Hayatt 2:49; 285—Jason Viola MT won by forfeit.

Records—Middle Township 2-0; Atlantic City 0-3.

Palmyra Tournament

Cumberland’s Andy DiJoseph (113) and Joe Roman (138) both reached the finals at the Palmyra Christmas Classic tournament.

DiJoseph received a bye, won his match in the second round and lost by decision in the final.

Roman received a bye, won his match in the second round and lost by pin in the final.

Also for the Colts, Derek Swanson (132) placed fourth, winning his first match and losing in the second round.


Mainland Regional’s Justin Bishop earned two wins at 106 pounds at the Overbrook Tourmament on Friday.


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