Local heavyweights Roy Lucas of St. Joseph High School and Robert Frederico of Hammonton each pinned their opponents in less than 30 seconds on Friday to advance in the District 30 wrestling tournament at Overbrook.

Top-seed Lucas pinned Overbrook’s Beau White in 21 seconds in the opening round, while Frederico pinned Timber Creek’s Nick Spero in 17 seconds. Lucas will face fourth-seeded Justin McCouch from Overbrook and Frederico takes on No. 3 seed Martel Harrison from Highland Regional today. The pair could meet later today in the finals.

Meanwhile, six other Hammonton wrestlers advanced—Austin Figueroa (126), Logan Fiorentino (5), Nico Poretta (152), Kellen Whitney (160), David Williams (182), and Brandon Beebe (195). St. Joseph’s Christian LaFragola also moved on in the 170-pound bracket.

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District 30 local results

106 pounds

Prelims—Royce Butler, Hammonton md. Eric Fallon, St. Joseph 17-6.

First round—(1) Nick Passarella, Washington Twp. p. Butler 1:11.


First round—(3) Jonathan Figueroa, Williamstown d. (3) Timothy McFerren, Hammonton 6-1.


First round—(4) Joey DiMartino, Timber Creek d. (5) Scott Figueroa, Hammonton 2-0.


First round—(4) Austin Figueroa, Hammonton d. (5) Ryan Swift, Overbrook 7-6; (2) Dylan LaPalomento, Washington Twp. p. (7) Tom Suski, St. Joseph 3:33.


Prelims—Ben Lovett, Overbrook p. Alec Barbone, St. Joseph 3:08.

First round—(3) Steven Passarella, Washington Twp. p. (6) Lee Struble, Hammonton 1:05.


Prelims—Salvatore Engeike, Overbrook p. (7) Doug Kramer, St. Joseph 1:02.

First round—(3) Nick Gaspari, Washington Twp. md. (6) Matt Bumbera, Hammonton 10-0.


Prelims—Nick Santoro, St.Joseph p. (8) Robert King, Lindenwold 3:01.

First round—(5) Logan Fiorentino, Hammonton d. (4) Cesar Dash, Triton 4-3; (1) Brandon Virgillio, Timber Creek p. Santoro :24.


First round— (3) Nico Poretta, Hammonton p. (6) Logan Laughlin, St. Joseph 1:57.


First round—(2) Kellen Whitney, Hammonton p. (7) Jesse Hutwagner, St. Joseph 1:59.


Prelims—Chavon Vaughn, Lindenwold d. Tommy Nolan, Highland 12-5.

First round—(1) Christian LaFragola, St. Josephp. Vaughn 3:34; (4) Jack Hartman, Hammonton d. (5) Dale Little, Triton 6-1.


Prelims—Quashawn Hassan, Lindenwold p. Cesar Maldonado, Triton 3:41.

First round—(1) David Williams, Hammonton p. :29; (4) Justin McCouch, Overbrook p. (5) Silvio Malone, St. Joseph :50.


First-round—(1) Brandon Beebe, Hammonton p. (8) Mitchell Britton, Triton 2:28.


First round—(2) Dakota Connors, Washington Twp. p. (7) Lenny Habinowski, Hammonton :50.


First round—(1) Roy Lucas, St. Joseph p. (8) Beau White, Overbrook :21; (2) Robert Frederico, Hammonton p. (7) Nick Spero, Timber Creek :17.

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