At Overbook High School in Pine Hill


132: Anthony Racobaldo, Williamstown p. Austin Figueroa, Hammonton 3:54.

152: Sheldon Morris, Highland Regional md. Tristan Wagner, Hammonton 12-0.

160: Logan Fiorentino, Hammonton p. Alex Plaza, Williamstown 1:26.

170: Kellen Whitney, Hammonton tf. Patrick Deamer, Washington Township 15-0 (5:20).

182: Kashon Gordan, Timber Creek p. Justin Fucetola, Hammonton 5:32; Christian LaFragola, St. Joseph p. Darius Boyer, Williamstown 1:36.

195: Brandon Beebe, Hammonton p. Muhammad Razzaq, Winslow Township 4:35.

285: Robert Frederico, Hammonton p. Zach Schafer, Highland Regional 0:49.


132: Austin Figueroa, Hammonton p. Mike Maroldo, Washington Township 3:13.

152: Tristan Wagner, Hammonton d. Mike Quagliato, Williamstown 6-1.

182: Justin Fucetola, Hammonton md. Darius Boyer, Williamstown 10-1.

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