At Delsea Regional High School

106 pounds

First Round–Steven Bergamo, Vineland won by forfeit over Pennsville; Josh Forand, Millville p. Hector Marrero, Cumberland Regional 5:38.

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First Round–Andrew DiJoseph, Cumberland Regional p. Kole Ariza, Woodstown 1:36; Joham Garcia, Millville p. Luis Savage, Vineland 1:29.


Prelims–Jose Santiago, Millville p. Robert Mantuano, Cumberland Regional 5:03.

First Round–Isaiah Ocasio, Vineland d. Zach Carpenter, Pennsville 8-5; Tom Carney, Delsea Regional p. Jose Santiago, Millville 1:19.


First Round–Stanley Atkinson, Kingsway Regional p. Dominic Morey, Cumberland Regional 1:39; Darrian Brooks, Penns Grove p. Patrick Cassidy, Millville 3:44; Zachafry Nealis, Vineland p. Ben Beckett, Schalick 1:21.


Prelims–Leonard Leyva, Vineland p. David Brooks, Cumberland Regional 0:52.

First Round–Stewart Richardson, Schalick p. Leonard Leyva, Vineland 0:56; Jacquan McPherson, Penns Grove tf. 22-7 (5:53).


First Round–Zach Goranson, Millville d. John Rizzo, Vineland 2-1; Randy Wyshinski, Pennsville p. Nicholas Anderson, Cumberland Regional 3:31.


Prelims–Edwin Michaca, Penns Grove d. Brian Ambros, Cumberland Regional 9-7.

First Round–Rory Bushby, Kingsway Regional md. Lawrence Pettiford, Vineland 13-3; Keith Mahoney, Millville p. Zach Zulker, Schalick 2:35.


First Round–Dom Demarco, Delsea Regional p. Elijah Corbett, Vineland 1:23; Jakob Ariza, Woodstown md. Jose Galindes, Millville 11-3; Michael Morris, Kingsway Regional p. Daniel Chavez-Lop, Cumberland Regional 2:44.


First Round–Dakota Gomeringer, Woodstown d. Joseph Mosley, Cumberland Regional 7-0; Nick Traverso, Vineland p. Jaron Maldonado, Penns Grove 3:33; Sean Platt, Millville p. Forrest Allen, Schalick 2:45.


Prelims–Alexis Simmons, Penns Grove md. Andrew Vena, Vineland 18-8.

First Round–Connor Dixon, Millville p. Alexis Simmons, Penns Grove 2:22; Keenan Jackson, Schalick d. Elijah Gould, Cumberland Regional 15-10.


First Round–Victor DeFrance, Delsea Regional p. Tyler Gravley, Cumberland Regional 0:45; Jose Soto, Millville p. Cole Batten, Woodstown 4:55; Tiawahn Cosby, Vineland p. Levin Trindad, Schalick 1:23.


First Round–Ed Shockley, Millville p. Jamison Burrow, Penns Grove 0:16; Timothy Esham, Pennsville d. Jose Mateo, Vineland 4-3; Joe Fabrizio, Delsea Regional p. Juan Chaves, Cumberland Regional 0:33.


First Round–Josh Zeeman, Schalick p. Makai Ausby, Vineland 0:55; Oci Kali, Millville won by forfeit over Kingsway Regional.


Prelims–Jamie Bailey, Penns Grove p. Justin Diaz, Vineland 2:10.

First Round–Maquay Richmond, Cumberland Regional p. Colton Jacobucci, Woodstown 2:33; Ronald Ippolite, Kingsway Regional d. Curtis Jones, Millville 2-1.

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